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Solar for Homeowners | 5 min read

Can I Install Solar in the Fall or Winter?

When most people think of solar energy, they picture their panels churning out kilowatt-hour after kilowatt-hour under the summer sun on

Solar for Homeowners | 6 min read

How to Prepare for a Solar Installation at Your Home

Installing a solar energy system at your home is an easy way to stop paying for electricity and start having a positive impact on the

Solar for Homeowners | 4 min read

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost for a 1,000 Square Foot House

One of the first questions anyone has when they’re considering installing solar panels is how much they’ll cost. But solar is not a

Solar Basics | 3 min read

Does solar energy work in West Virginia?

Many businesses, farmers, and homeowners across the US are saving a significant amount of money with solar energy. But those savings

Solar for Homeowners | 5 min read

DIY Solar - Can I Install Solar Panels Myself?

Whether it’s to save money, flex our weekend warrior skills, or savor the sweet accomplishment of building something with our own hands,

Solar Basics | 3 min read

Installing solar energy in Virginia? Here's what you should know

Do you live in Virginia and you want to install a solar energy system?

Solar for Homeowners | 4 min read

7 Tips for Installing a Solar Energy System in Pennsylvania

Buying a solar energy system is the same no matter where you live, right? Well, yes and no.

Solar Basics | 5 min read

5 Surprising Facts About Solar Energy

In the 2010s, solar energy transformed from an expensive option for forward-thinkers into an incredibly valuable investment for a large

Solar for Homeowners | 5 min read

Installing a solar energy in Ohio? Here are 8 things you should know.

  “Find it here” – this is the greeting on the sign as you enter the Buckeye State. While there certainly are lots of great things to

Solar for Homeowners | 7 min read

Is Solar Right for Your Home?

Who couldn’t benefit from one less bill to pay? Especially one as substantial as the monthly electricity bill.

Solar Basics | 2 min read

Utility Electric vs. Solar Energy: An Honest Comparison

Purchasing electric from your local utility company might be the easiest, most common way to power your home or business, but there are

Solar for Homeowners | 2 min read

What Are The Best Solar Panels On The Market?

  Which solar panels are the best?  

Solar Equipment | 4 min read

Will Solar Panels Work During a Power Outage?

What does solar energy mean to you? Saving the environment? Saving money? Or maybe it’s independence from the electric utility. Solar

Solar for Homeowners | 4 min read

6 Reasons Why Solar is a Safe Investment

  The great thing about investing is that we’re using our money to make us more money. The worst part about investing is that it

Solar for Homeowners | 5 min read

How Reliable is Solar Energy?

Apple, Amazon, Target, Walmart - what do these tech revolutionaries and retail giants have in common? They run on solar energy. As the

Solar for Homeowners | 5 min read

The Cost and Frequency of Solar Maintenance

Do solar panels or PV system need maintenance, and if so, how often and how much will it cost? If you’re considering installing a solar

Solar for Homeowners | 4 min read

Can Solar Panels Cause Fires?

In just a few months apart from each other, seven of Walmart’s solar systems caught on fire. What did they have in common? They were

Solar Equipment | 5 min read

Solar EV Chargers: Power Your Car with Sunshine

13,476 miles. That’s how much the average American drives each year, according to the US Department of Transportation. To put that in

Solar Equipment | 5 min read

How to Size Batteries for a Solar System

Grid-tied solar doesn’t work when the electricity goes out. While it is frustrating, having a grid-tied system gives you many other

Solar for Homeowners | 4 min read

How Safe Are Your Solar Panels in Severe Weather?

Marines removing a tree downed by Hurricane Florence in North Carolina. Photo courtesy of U.S. Marine Corps - photo by Lance Cpl.

Solar for Homeowners | 3 min read

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Going Solar

You’ve decided to invest in solar energy to put an end to your monthly electric bills. Now it’s time to gather information and learn

Solar Basics | 5 min read

Solar Panel Degradation and The Lifespan of Solar Panels

There are plenty of things that get better with age - like cheeses, cast iron skillets, high-quality leather, and 401Ks. However, this

Solar for Homeowners | 4 min read

Designing an Attractive-Looking Solar System

So you’ve done the research on renewable energies and are considering installing solar. The ROI and low electricity bills sound great,

News | 5 min read

Solar Power Rocks’ State Solar Power Rankings Report

Each year, Solar Power Rocks releases their State Solar Power Rankings Report.  The annual report ranks all 50 states and Washington DC

Solar for Homeowners | 4 min read

How to Lower Your Electric Bill This Winter

Less daylight, cooler weather, more time indoors. When winter comes around, it seems like there are countless reasons to draw on extra

Solar for Farmers | 2 min read

Is it Safe to Install Solar Panels on my Chicken House Roof?

We were recently asked, “Is it safe to install solar panels on a chicken house roof?” The short answer is yes, if the proper evaluations

Solar for Homeowners | 3 min read

Rail Mounted Solar Systems vs. Rail-less Solar Systems

You've likely already done research on how solar energy works and the financial benefits. Great! There are still important questions

Solar for Homeowners | 4 min read

A Realtor's Guide To Listing a Property With a Solar System

As a real estate agent, you have probably come across property listings with a solar energy system.  Whether you are representing the

Solar for Businesses | 3 min read

8 Ways Solar Energy Will Boost Your Business

Sometimes being old-school is good, right? But when it comes to paying your electric bill, having an old-school mindset isn’t always

Solar for Homeowners | 2 min read

Solar Energy vs. Wind Power: Which Is Better For You?

Most searches for an alternative, cost-saving energy source will start with solar energy and wind power. Both energy sources have their

How Does A Solar System Work?

There are four main components of a solar system that are used to convert sunlight into electricity.

Solar Basics | 2 min read

Grid-Tied Solar vs. Off-Grid Solar: What are the pros and cons of both?

When purchasing a solar system, you have two main options to choose from - grid-tied and off-grid. As the name implies, grid-tied solar

Solar for Homeowners | 2 min read

Ground Mount vs Roof Mount Solar Systems: A Comparison

There are a couple different types of installation methods for solar panels. Here at Paradise Energy Solutions, we install roof mounted

Solar Basics | 3 min read

The Basics of Photovoltaic (PV Solar) System Design

As the solar industry has grown, an increasing number of people are becoming familiar with the environmental and financial benefits

Solar for Homeowners | 1 min read

Are Solar Shingles a Good Solution for Rooftop Solar Production?

Over the last decade, there has been significant hype around the idea of solar roofs (aka solar shingles).  The primary benefits of

Solar Basics | 3 min read

Calculating the Production for a Solar System

Properly calculating production for a solar system is critical to determine how many solar panels you will need and to also calculate

Solar Basics | 1 min read

How Does a Solar Panel Produce Energy?

A solar panel looks so simple to the naked eye, but how does something this thin convert sunlight to energy? To find out, let’s dig into

Solar for Homeowners | 3 min read

Does Solar Hot Water Make Sense?

Before we begin, here are some abbreviations that we will use in this article:

Solar Basics | 3 min read

What Is Our Triple Ten Guarantee?

In 2010, Paradise Energy Solutions pioneered the Performance Guarantee by including a 2-year performance guarantee on each system, in

Solar Basics | 2 min read

Understanding Solar Component Warranties

One of the advantages of investing in solar are the long-term benefits and warranties of the components that make up a solar array.

Solar Basics | 2 min read

Won't Solar Prices Keep Dropping?

Advances in technology have positively impacted our life experiences and have often reduced the costs of many of the products we

Solar Basics | 2 min read

Can I Install Solar in a Field and Make Money?

Buy an empty lot. Install solar. Produce Electricity. Make Money. Right? Unfortunately, this scenario is not possible and here is why.

Solar Basics | 1 min read

Off-Grid Solar vs. Grid-Tied Solar

As the name implies, grid-tied solar means the solar system is connected to the electrical grid, and conversely off-grid solar means the

Solar for Homeowners | 1 min read

What Happens to Your Solar Panels in a Power Outage

Before we answer this common question that we receive on a daily basis, we want to point out that most solar systems installed today are

Solar Basics | 2 min read

The Effect of Shade on a Solar Array

When considering a location for a solar array, one of the most important factors to think about is shade. Since direct sunlight is

Solar for Businesses | 2 min read

Understanding Solar Paybacks

One of the first things that most customers ask when considering a solar system is “What is the payback?” While the payback period is

Solar for Homeowners | 2 min read

What to Expect in a Solar Assessment

Are you interested in solar energy and want to find out if solar is right for you?

Solar for Homeowners | 1 min read

Worried About Curb Appeal?

One of the concerns we get is the idea that solar panels will degrade the appearance of a house. We, of course, think solar panels look

Solar Basics | 2 min read

The War of the Electric Currents

Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, and the Race to Electrify the World!

Solar for Homeowners | 1 min read

Will Solar Work at My Location?

Chances are that solar will not only work at your location, but will put money in your pocket for decades to come. And don't think that

Solar Basics | 1 min read

Roof, Ground, or Ballasted-Roof Mount Solar: What Type is Best?

If you are just beginning the search for what type of solar system you should install, you may be confused with all of the options that

Solar for Homeowners | 1 min read

Will Solar Ruin My Roof?

No. A solar installation will not damage your roof in any way. This is a concern for some customers, especially if they have just spent