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Solar for Homeowners | 8 min read

Net Metering: How It Works & Where It’s Available

Net metering is a method used by many utility companies to compensate you for the overproduction of electricity (kWh) generated in a

Solar for Homeowners | 6 min read

Payback and ROI of Solar Energy for Homeowners in 2021

Investing in a solar energy system can have powerful financial benefits for your home, allowing you to all but eliminate your monthly

Solar for Homeowners | 9 min read

What Solar Panel Incentives Are Available in Your State?

A solar system will produce free electricity for your home, business, or farm for decades. In just a few years, your solar system can

Solar for Homeowners | 4 min read

Can I Make Money Selling Power Back to the Utility Company?

It’s absolutely true that solar energy can be a great financial investment. But it isn’t because of the money you make, it’s because of

Solar for Homeowners | 5 min read

Should I Get Solar Panels Now or Wait?

Whether it’s a cell phone, smartwatch, or tablet, when it comes to technology, one of the most exciting things about it is that devices

Solar for Businesses | 5 min read

A Non-Profit's Guide to Solar Energy

What do faith-based organizations, charter schools, health care facilities, public schools, affordable housing, and other non-profit

Solar for Homeowners | 3 min read

Your Guide To Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)

One of the lesser-known benefits of owning a solar energy system is Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). SRECs may not be a household