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AXITEC has been one of Europe’s largest sellers of solar panels for years. They’ve also gained a significant foothold in the American market, and offer a wide range of solar panels in a variety of sizes and colors for both residential and commercial projects.

But are they worth the hype? 

This blog compiles the key information you need to determine whether or not AXITEC panels are right for you.

Where are AXITEC Solar Panels Made? 

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Engineering and design of AXITEC panels are done by their team in Germany. While specifics of their manufacturing locations are difficult to find, AXITEC’s website states they manufacture their panels in Asia and Europe. By outsourcing production to lower-cost areas, AXITEC can offer German-engineered technology at a lower price point. 


AXITEC Solar Panel Prices

When it comes to buying solar panels, the cost can vary depending on a lot of factors. The price you pay for AXITEC panels will depend on which model you choose and the company that installs them. 

But the good news is, AXITEC panels are usually more affordable than other solar panels sold in the United States! So, if you're looking to invest in solar energy and save some money, AXITEC panels might be a great choice for you, however, they may not offer the same level of quality or performance as the premium brands, such as Qcells. 

Are AXITEC Solar Panels High Quality?

Their solar panels are made with top-notch materials and go through rigorous quality control measures during production. Plus, with a 15-year product warranty, you can trust that your investment is protected against any material or workmanship defects. 

And don't worry about performance - AXITEC has you covered with a 25-year linear performance guarantee. This means that even after 25 years of use, your panels will still be able to produce 85% of their original capacity, providing long-lasting protection against hyper degradation.

Are AXITEC Solar Panels Tier 1?

As of 2023, AXITEC is not officially a Tier-1 brand. However, this does not mean they’re a low-quality product. 

The Tier 1 designation is a metric from the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Report or the PV Moduletech Bankability Ratings Quarterly Report. It’s primarily an indicator of how often banks financed a large-scale solar project with a specific brand. 

The meaning behind tiered solar panels has become somewhat misrepresented as a marker of overall quality in a brand. Companies that aren’t Tier 1 can still be very high quality. 

AXITEC’s Solar Panels Spec's

As of the writing of this blog, AXITEC offers five solar panel models. These models come in two sizes and two colors, and there's even a bifacial XXL version available. 

To help you compare the different models, we've included a handy chart below. It includes information on the type, size, power output, efficiency, colors, performance, and product warranty of each model.

AXITEC Solar panel spec sheet

Are AXITEC Solar Panels Good?

AXITEC has been designing and manufacturing dependable and efficient solar panels at affordable prices for over two decades. That’s earned them a prominent spot in the solar industry, and are often the panel of choice for budget-conscious solar owners.

While AXITEC panels may not offer the highest efficiencies or longest warranties in the industry, they offer panels that perform well and stand the test of time. 

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*This blog was posted on April 14, 2023.