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Solar Energy Installations That Save You Money

Get 30-90% of your investment back in year one.
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Protect your budget.

You work too hard not to.

With solar energy, you’ll save money and protect your budget from the soaring rates we’re all facing. You will be in control. Gain peace of mind over your budget. Stop wasting your hard-earned money.




Non Profit

Commercial Solar Panel Installations

Immediately add savings to your bottom line and be in control of a fixed cost with a solar energy investment.


Control A Fixed Cost

No more worrying about unpredictable rate increases. You’re in control.


Create Short and Long-term Savings

Pay fewer taxes now and reap the benefit of electric savings for the next 25+ years


Invest In A Quick Return

Recoup up to 90% of your installation cost in year one through tax savings, grants, and electric savings.

Learn more about solar for businesses

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Solar Panel Installations for Farmers

Increase your farm's profitability while eliminating the burden of an unpredictable electric bill.


Protect Your Bottom Line

Turn your electric bill into consistent and predictable savings. Say goodbye to the stress of worrying about rising electricity rates. You’ll be calling the shots.


Invest In Your Future

Quickly receive up to 90% of your solar investment back in year one through tax savings, grants, and electric savings. That’s money to reinvest in the future of your farm.


Be A Difference-Maker

Invest in the financial and environmental sustainability of your farm.

Learn more about solar for farms

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Residential Solar Panel Installations

Stop renting your electricity. Protect your budget.


Keep Your Hard-earned Money

Pay fewer taxes and reduce your electric bill – that’s immediate and long-term savings.


Invest In Your Home

Studies show that owning a solar system increases the value of your home by over $15,000. Who doesn’t want to buy a home without an electric bill?


Be Part of the Solution

Make a difference for your budget and the world around you.

Learn more about solar for homes

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Solar Panel Installations for Nonprofits

Turn a fixed cost into predictable and sustainable savings


Reduce A Fixed Cost

Reduce your electric bill and add savings to your bottom line – no more worrying about rising rates.


Quickly Recover Your Investment

With the new direct pay tax incentive and electric savings, you'll quickly free up funds to allocate towards what truly matters - fulfilling your organization's mission.


Grow Your Impact

Be a good financial and environmental steward for your community.

View non-profit projects we've done


Switch to solar & save

Use our solar calculator to see how solar can help you. We'll provide you with:

  1. A 30-year Cost Breakdown
  2. Cumulative Cash Flow
  3. Payback, ROI and Environmental Savings

Here's what our customers say




Non profit


Goodville Insurance - Phil Shirk
CFO | New Holland, PA

"We invested in solar because we thought it was the best thing for our community and our environment. We also felt like it was the right thing from a cost perspective because we'd be saving money over time."

Hardware Store - David Kenney
Owner | Mardela Springs, MD

"Having solar for the past 10 years has enabled us to do other things. One thing that's important for me is establishing and keeping our business sound. And as my two sons have come in and work with me now, it will give them a step up on the future."
nuCamp RV

nuCamp RV - Jesse Mullet
President | Sugarcreek, OH

"As part of running a business, you're always looking for an edge. You're looking for ways to cut costs, and we've been able to reduce our cost by 40% in energy consumption."
How Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is - Brent Malone
Owner | Eden, MD

"Of all the business transactions we've had in 31 years of business, it was probably the most easy and pleasant transaction that we've had. It was effortless on our part."

G&G Grain - Zac Guthrie
Owner | Frazeysbug, OH

"Solar has helped the farm just in the fact that it's been able to save us money on our energy costs that continue to rise."
Kurtz Family Farm

Kurtz Family Farm - James & Josh Kurtz
Owners | Snow Hill, MD

"All of us as farmers know that we can buy a pickup, and it doesn't pay us back a bit. But solar. Friends, it's something that will pay you back. It'll pay you back well."
Krueger Farms

Krueger Farms - Carl Krueger
Owner | Berlin Heights, OH

"I looked at energy prices as the unknown factor... I had no control on that cost structure of my business plan. I looked at solar as being an upfront cost but it also gave you a known cost going forward that you could budget."
Klock Family Dairy Farm

Klock Family Dairy Farm - Lee Klock
Owner | La Fargeville, NY

"It just made sense to do it. What I really like about it is it works, and I don't have to do anything to make it work. There are not many things on a farm that way, but this just works, and it eliminates $10k of electric bills every year."
Guy Family

Guy Family - Warner & Amy Guy
Dover, OH

"Overall it was a great move for us. It is a good move to help save money and give you piece of mind."
Will Ruhland

Will Ruhland
Delmar, DE

"This is a fixed number. It's done. It's over with. If there is any difference, its with what Delaware do or not do with the feedback. But we're on the other side of that scale where they own us."
Dennis Rupert

Dennis Rupert
Mentor on the lake, Oh

"My experience with Paradise since the very beginning, from the sales to the planning and production and install has just been outstanding"
James & Jane Todd

James & Jane Todd
Wooster, OH

"We've been super pleased with our new and improved electricity bills. It makes a big difference... It was the right thing to do, atleast for us."
CSAAC - Craig Pardini

CSAAC - Craig PardiniL
Director of Infastruction Operations | Montgomery Village, MD

"Paradise Energy has been amazing to work with. They are professional on every level and deliver what is promised."
Salisbury Christian School

Salisbury Christian School - Ross Kaelin
Director of Facilities/Assistant Principle | Salisbury, MD

"We're looking currently with our electricitiy being down $30,000 a year which is, for us, an operationing cost.... By having that savings has changed how we plan and budget each school year... which translates in to what we can do for kids and families here at Salibury Christian School."
Harrisonburg Mennonite Church

Harrisonburg Mennonite Church | Steve Pardini
Member of the Purchasing Committee | Harrisonburg, VA

"The best option for us was Paradise Solar. They had the best technology at a good price, and they also back it up with service and guarantees that made it an obvious choice for our church."
MennoHaven Retirement Community

MennoHaven Retirement Community - Chuck Nelson
Chief Development Officer | Chambersburg, PA

"It really sets us ahead of others in this field because we've taken the jump into this to be a leader. And we're sure glad we did."

We've helped hundreds like you

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Investing in solar is simple

Our process

We understand solar is a big investment. That’s why we’re committed to being your long-term solar energy partner.


Request your custom quote

We’ll schedule an appointment with you to answer your questions, discuss your objectives, and look at your installation site. Within 2-3 days of this consultation, your solar consultant will deliver a detailed quote tailored to your situation.

Have your system installed

After deciding to move forward, we will complete all the paperwork and apply for the required permits. Then construction can begin. Your project starts and proceeds with no disruptions to you, and we'll keep you informed at every stage of the project.

Start saving more of your money

Your project will be completed in a few days or weeks, depending on the system’s size. Once complete, you will now "Save With Every Sunrise!"

Interested in joining the exciting and growing field of solar technology?

Over 100 solar experts

Ready to Serve You

We’re a family-owned, full-service solar energy company that will take care of the entire process. We install solar panel systems, EV chargers, and energy storage solutions and have an in-house solar maintenance & service team. Our industry-leading Triple Ten Guarantee provides an added layer of security for your investment.



We’ve developed a culture of integrity and innovation, empowering our team and our customers in becoming better stewards of God’s abundant resources.


We’re a team of 100+ solar energy experts with over 93.62 MW of solar installed.


We Install and Service Solar Panels Across The Mid-Atlantic Region in Delaware, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Have questions? Well, we’ve got answers.

Who is Paradise Energy Solutions?
Started in 2009, Paradise Energy Solutions is a family-owned, full-service solar energy company with the goal of helping people be good stewards of God’s abundant resources, both financial and environmental.

While solar energy is what we do, our team is what makes us stand out from the rest.

From the four brothers who started this company to our 100+ other team members, we’re here to help you make the best investment for your business, farm, and home - even if that means not going solar.
How much do solar panels cost?
There is no clear-cut answer to how much do solar panels cost without first gathering your electric usage and information from the installation site. The reason is, there are many variables to consider when installing a solar system, including how much electricity you use and need to produce, the type of installation, shading, and more. 

An average monthly electric bill of $120 will need a 10 kW solar system in most cases. This will cost roughly $38,960 before incentives and $27,272 after the incentives are used. A $600 average monthly electric bill will need a 50 kW solar system. A 50 kW will cost roughly $147,500 before incentives and $66,803 after all the incentives are used.

View this blog to learn more about the cost of solar. You can also request a free custom quote to get exact numbers for a system that best fits your needs.
How much maintenance or upkeep is required?
PV solar systems require very little maintenance over their 30+-year lifespan. Unless your solar system has bad parts, was installed incorrectly, or an outside factor causes damage to the system, there’s little maintenance needed to keep your solar system running.

Plus, if something goes wrong, there is a good chance it will be under warranty. Your panels and inverters come with lengthy warranties from the manufacturers. Paradise Energy adds an additional layer of security with our Triple Ten Guarantee. This guarantees the production and workmanship for the first 10 years. 

Here's more on solar panel maintenance.
How long do solar panels last?
Most solar panels’ performance is guaranteed for 25 - 30 years, but panels will go on to produce electricity for longer than that. The first 30 years after your solar installation is considered the system’s “useful life”, but panels can still produce electricity for decades longer. In fact, the world’s first modern solar panel is still producing electricity at the ripe age of 60!

Learn more about the lifespan of solar panels.
What warranties are included with a solar system?
Solar panels come with a performance warranty that guarantees the efficiency will stay above a specified percent. These warranties range from 25 to 30 years, depending on the brand. 

Solar panels also come with a product warranty. These range from 12 to 25 years in length. 

Inverters come with a warranty of 12 to 25 years depending on the brand and type. 

In addition to manufacturer warranties, Paradise Energy provides an added layer of security with our Triple Ten Guarantee. This guarantees the production of the system for the first 10 years. It also covers workmanship issues.

Visit our product warranties blog to learn more.
Can I make money selling solar energy?
In most cases, you will not make money selling extra solar production back to your utility. However, you will be compensated for extra production through a method called net metering. 

Many utility companies will compensate you with electricity credits which will be used to offset the electricity you pull from the grid. 

Net metering regulations vary by location, so be sure to check the rules in your local area. 

Visit our net metering blog to learn more.
What are Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)?
SRECs are a lesser-known benefit of owning a solar energy system. 

Solar system owners will receive 1 SREC for every 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of solar energy produced by their system. Those credits are then sold in an open market - helping to generate passive income. 

Visit our SREC blog to learn more and to see how much they are selling for. 

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