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You Work Too Hard to Throw Money Away

Paying thousands of dollars more than you need to for electric is frustrating and leaves you feeling vulnerable. There’s a better way. Take control of your money and protect your budget with solar energy. 

Take Control and Start Saving
Money Immediately

Save Money

Save Money

Reduce your electric bill and add savings to your bottom line.

Pay Fewer Taxes

Pay Fewer Taxes

Lower the amount of taxes you owe with the 26% federal tax credit and accelerated depreciation for businesses.

Save The Environment

Save The Environment

Produce your own clean, sustainable energy for decades to come.


We understand solar is a big investment. That’s why we’re committed to being your long-term solar partner.


We’re a team of 100+ solar experts with over 63 MW of solar installed in DE, MD, NJ, NY, OH, PA, VA, and WV


We’re with you the entire process – design, installation, and maintenance


Our industry-leading Triple Ten Guarantee provides an added layer of security for your investment

Trusted by 1,500+ people, including:

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Here’s What Our Customers Say


"...Paradise Energy was selected because of their superior knowledge and expertise. Their understanding of the pitfalls surrounding a project of our scale gave us confidence in their abilities, and now that we have concluded the project, I am happy to report our intuition was correct. Paradise Energy has been an excellent partner."

Jon Puli - CEO
Turn 14 Distribution

"Quality and service were unmatched and we are 100% satisfied and happy." 

Jesse Mullet - President
nüCamp RV

"...Everyone who was involved in the process was professional, courteous, and very skilled at their job. We were informed of the progress every step of the way. We highly recommend them for any solar installation - large or small."

Linda Campbell - Owner
Khimaira Farm

"Paradise Energy has done an excellent job installing solar at 2 of our facilities and we are now enjoying the benefits! They have done a great job of answering any questions we have had in the whole process. [I] would definitely recommend them to anyone." 

Luke Martin - Owner
North Country Storage Barns

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Your Solar Questions, Answered

How much does solar cost?

There is not a clear-cut answer to this question without first gathering your electric usage and information from the installation site. The reason being, there are many variables to consider when installing a solar system, including how much electricity you use and need to produce, the type of installation, shading, and more. 

In most cases, an average monthly electric bill of $120 will need a 10 kW solar system. This will cost roughly $31,900 before incentives and $23,606 after the incentives are used. A $600 average monthly electric bill will need a 50 kW solar system. A 50 kW will cost roughly $124,100 before incentives and $60,448 after all the incentives are used.

Click here to learn more about the cost of solar or contact us to get a free solar quote with exact numbers for a system that best fits your needs.

How much maintenance or upkeep is required?

PV solar systems require very little maintenance over their 30+-year lifespan. Unless your solar system has bad parts, was installed incorrectly, or an outside factor causes damage to the system, there’s little maintenance needed to keep your solar system running.

Plus, if something would go wrong, there is a good chance it will be under warranty. Your panels and inverters come with lengthy warranties from the manufacturers. Paradise Energy adds an additional layer of security with our Triple Ten Guarantee. This guarantees the production and workmanship for the first 10 years. 

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How long do solar panels last?

Most solar panels’ performance is guaranteed for 25 - 30 years, but panels will go on to produce electricity for longer than that. The first 30 years after your solar installation is considered the system’s “useful life”, but panels can still produce electricity for decades longer. In fact, the world’s first modern solar panel is still producing electricity at the ripe age of 60!

Click here to learn more about the lifespan of solar panels.

What warranties are included with a solar system?

Solar panels come with a performance warranty that guarantees the efficiency will stay above a specified percent. These warranties range from 25 to 30 years, depending on the brand. 

Solar panels also come with a product warranty. These range from 12 to 25 years in length. 

Inverters come with a warranty of 12 to 25 years depending on the brand and type. 

In addition to manufacturer warranties, Paradise Energy provides an added layer of security with our Triple Ten Guarantee. This guarantees the production of the system for the first 10 years. It also covers workmanship issues.

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