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Eliminate Your Electric Bill

Virtually Maintenance-Free

Financing Available

Save Up To $1500/Year*

Expertly Installed Solar Panel Systems
for Homes, Farms, and Businesses

What do most people want from a solar panel system?

In our experience, the overwhelming majority of folks want 3 things:

  1. Save money on their monthly energy bill
  2. Avoid hassles of maintenance or costly repairs
  3. Not have to replace faulty panels after only a few years

Thankfully, a properly installed solar panel system eventually will eliminate your electric bill and will operate nearly maintenance-free for 25 years!

Our job is to make the transition to solar power as smooth as possible for you. The experienced staff at Paradise Energy Solutions will complete all of the necessary paperwork so that you can take advantage of all applicable federal and state tax credits you are eligible to receive.

All of this is exactly what you will get from Paradise Energy Solutions. All Paradise Energy Solutions installers are our employees, not fly-by-night sub-contractors who may not have the technical certifications and experience that our installers have.

We’re absolutely confident in our solar panel installation work that we offer a 10-year performance guarantee on each new system that we install. What does that mean? If the output doesn’t meet the minimum output projections, we will refund the difference based on current energy prices.

Solar Power Is More Popular Than Ever

Solar power has become price-competitive with traditional electric sources (coal, oil, natural gas) as the cost of producing and installing panels has steadily declined.

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Our philosophy is that solar energy installation should be simple, easy, and worry-free. Give us a call at 877-851-9269 or complete the Free Solar Energy Assessment form to get started.

How Does Solar Electricity Work?

Photovoltaic (PV) panels (solar panels) take the sun’s light and convert it into usable electricity. The silicon cells within each PV panel react with photons (units of light) from the sun to produce DC current (electricity). An inverter takes the DC current and converts it into AC current, which can be used to power your home or office. This 30-second video illustrates that process.

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Customer Feedback

"From the time we attended a Paradise open house, we were comfortable with the staff. They were informative and responsive to our needs and questions. The installation was done in a timely and professional manner. Now that the system is functioning, it is very exciting to know that we are producing power environmentally! I enjoy checking the inverters and seeing that even on cloudy days, we are making electricity. I have recommended Paradise to several friends already." - Linda T.
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Switching to solar begins with a free site assessment. A Paradise Energy Solutions expert will visit your home or business and evaluate your solar power options and answer any questions you have about our services or what to expect.
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