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Create a lasting legacy of savings, energy independence, and environmental stewardship by installing solar.

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Rising costs and fluctuating market rates negatively impact your bottom line. Control your costs and secure your farm’s future with solar.

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Reducing a fixed cost can drastically improve your business’s profitability. Find out how solar can help you achieve higher profits.

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See how you can reduce a monthly expense and lower your taxes, while also increasing your home’s value with a solar installation.


Diane Hunter

"We're really particular people, and we've recommended Paradise to our son. We wouldn't have done that if we weren't happy, nor would we have three of our places that have solar."

Earl Fox

"I could definitely recommend Paradise Energy. They were on budget, on time, very respectful, and delivered exactly what they said they would…They are a very good company, and they stand behind what they do."

Brian Glassman

"With the other companies, we felt like we were buying a used car... got the hard push with arbitrary deadlines and unrealistic projections. Paradise was very clear about the possibility of the amount of solar we could produce and were not pushy."

Dorene Rice

Beards and Bones, LLC
"We have completed several systems with this great staff. It could not be better. Courteous and job completed in a timely fashion. Definitely 5 stars."

Rodman Lott

Rodman Lott & Son Farms
"I'm glad we went with Paradise. I think they treated us well and did everything that they said they were going to do and more."

Joe Herzog

Woodvale Farms
"They’re very credible; they’re very professional and experienced. You’re going to get a great system; you’re gonna get it at a fair price, and you’re gonna deal with people you want to deal with and that treat you well."

Jesse Mullet

COO of nüCamp RV
"I felt very comfortable that Paradise gave me a great, quality product and also the guaranteed payback on the system."

David Hughes

Rivermont Farms
"I think Paradise is very easy to work with. I'm glad you have a presence in the valley now, in Harrisonburg with the office there. I will continue to recommend and refer people to Paradise."

Dr. Philip Palmer

Palmer Animal Hospital
"I’ve been very impressed with Paradise from the start. I think they’re good at what they do and they do take care of their customers."

Doug Triplett, Jr.

President of Triplett Machine
"The folks are Paradise Energy did a great job with the installation. Very neat, very professional. We hardly knew they were here."

Evan Parry

Parry Farm
"They were professional, tidy with their work and did a great job. Everyone at Paradise Energy Solutions went ABOVE and BEYOND for us!"

Steve Miller

Berlin Gardens
“They were the most willing to follow through and seemed like the best company to work [with]. The solar panels went up in a timely manner, [and we] met our deadline to get our tax credit for the year. Things went very well for us."

Steve Brydge

Owner of BrydgeWorks
“They gave us a real nice proposal that showed us how much power could be generated, and even offered a guarantee that said we will produce this much power for you - if we don’t we’ll cover the difference.”

Jason Hedrick

"I shopped around and found Paradise Energy was competitive price wise and had outstanding customer service. Our project was completed in a timely manner. It looks great and it works great."

Joel Barkman

President of Golden Rule Builders
“It was a pleasure working with a professional company that did what they promised, always! From sales to production, their staff were well educated, cared about serving the client and educating us every step of the way."

Gateway Pediatrics

Salisbury, MD
“The team at Paradise Energy were very thorough and efficient throughout our process of installing solar panels. They worked within our budget and stayed in contact with us throughout the entire project.”

David Allen

“Paradise is honest and reliable. Their business approach is straight forward and their communication level is unparalleled. From start to finish and beyond they explain to you what to expect and actually follow through with it."

Cindy Jackson

“I would recommend Paradise Energy Solutions for people that want to explore a solar energy alternative, because they were easy to communicate with and came up with a number of different strategies with us to meet our goals.”

Rick Tull

Lank, Johnson & Tull, CPAs
"I filled out the application, and they explained the process. Once I gave them all the initial paperwork, I didn't really have to do anything. The system is producing what they said it would, plus some. The result has been favorable for us."

Frank Gallagher

CFO of Leprechaun Bus Lines
“To me, Paradise Energy is the go-to source [because of] their business ethics, the straightforward and painless way they conduct themselves, the speed of which you get a quote, the speed at which the system is installed.”

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What Makes Us Different

Since 2009, Paradise Energy Solutions has installed more than 1,000 solar installations throughout the mid-Atlantic states. Our team of professional installers can design and install a custom solar panel system that will lower your monthly costs and create additional income streams.


Our Values

Our core values of faith, integrity, innovation, teamwork, and stewardship help us provide the best experience for our customers.

Proven Experience

With more than 10 years in the industry and 1,050 completed installations, our team of solar experts has the experience your project needs

Full Service

From initial paperwork through installation to monitoring and maintenance, our team is here to help.

Serving Mid-Atlantic Region

We serve customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Virginia.

Certified Experts

We are certified by NABCEP and are members of SEI, the leading solar trade organizations.

We Guarantee It

Every solar system we install is backed by our Triple Ten Guarantee, covers our workmanship and guarantees our system production estimates.

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