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Solar Panel Maintenance And Support

We service solar systems of all sizes with the expertise to handle any issue, big or small.

If you have a utility-scale, commercial, or residential PV solar panel system, or even a solar battery system, our team of certified solar service technicians is prepared to deliver top-notch maintenance services for all your solar energy requirements. For those located in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S., entrust our solar maintenance experts to ensure your system is functioning at its peak performance.

These are a few of the solar maintenance services we provide:

The Process

Recognizing the significance of maintaining optimal performance from your solar system, we are dedicated to swiftly addressing any issues that may arise. Here is an overview of our standard process.
Discovery Call

Discovery Call

We'll chat with you to discuss the symptoms and answer your questions.
Location Site Visit

Site Visit

We'll review your system's design and performance data to identify the work that's needed.
Work is Completed

Work Is Completed

After you review the quote and give the go-ahead, we will start working to restore your system to peak performance.
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Our Paradise Protect Plans offer three tiers of protection to cater to your specific needs. Whether you're looking for basic ongoing monitoring, comprehensive system check-ups, or in-depth performance analysis, we have a plan that fits your requirements. Rest assured, all three plans are designed to give you the peace of mind you deserve, all at a cost-effective rate that won't break the bank. With Paradise Protect Plans, safeguarding your systems has never been easier.

Protect Your Investment With Our Protection Plans

  • Ongoing Monitoring
  • System Check-ups
  • Peace of Mind

See What Our Customers Are Saying.


Chris Farlow
Bishopville, MD

"Every single person has been very professional. I was impressed. I mean, if you want to look around, you can. But my experience, just the fact that it was done so professionally and smoothly, I can’t say enough good. And I will recommend to anybody that it was a good working situation."
Klock Family Dairy Farm

Klock Family Dairy Farm
La Fargeville, NY

"They knew about at their office and just came and fixed it. We weren’t aware of the problem, so I don’t keep track of the system at all. They’re doing it remotely, and it’s something I don’t have to be bothered with."
How Sweet It Is

Brent Malone
How Sweet It Is | Eden, MD

"Of all the business transactions we've had in 31 years of business, it was probably the most easy and pleasant transaction that we've had. It was effortless on our part."

Why Partner With Paradise Energy Solutions?

We're a family-owned solar energy company that specializes in providing full-service solar solutions from the design and installation to ongoing maintenance & support for the life of the system. We specialize solely in solar energy, enabling us to deliver expert service and solutions.
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Our Team

Over the past 15 years, we have successfully installed more than 2,000 solar systems, numerous solar battery systems, and provide maintenance services for hundreds of other systems of all sizes.

Certified & Proven

We have a team of over 100 solar experts trained and certified by industry-leading organizations.

Full Service

In addition to installing new PV solar systems, we have a team of skilled solar technicians that are equipped to diagnose and resolve any issues, big or small, with solar and battery systems of any size.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas does Paradise Energy service?
Paradise Energy offers comprehensive services for PV solar energy and battery installation and maintenance across Delaware, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.
How much do your maintenance services cost?

Our standard service technician rate is $129 per hour for installations not done by Paradise Energy and $116 per hour for systems installed by Paradise Energy.

We provides a range of engineering services including system design reviews, power quality analysis, and advanced troubleshooting techniques. These services are offered at a rate of $160 per hour.

Does Paradise Energy service systems installed by other companies?

Our team of skilled technicians is equipped to perform maintenance services on solar systems of all sizes, regardless of the original installer.

Does Paradise Energy offer ongoing maintenance & support plans?

Yes, our Paradise Protect Plans provide continuous monitoring and regular system inspections to ensure that your solar system is operating optimally, giving you the assurance and peace of mind you deserve.

Paradise Protect offers three tiers of protection. Learn more here.