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I like the benefits of having no electric bill, the return on investment and the fact that we are doing our part for the environment. I also like how my solar system blends in with my property.

What I liked best about working with Paradise Energy Solutions was that I did not have to do any of the paperwork. They answered any questions that I had.

If someone was considering working with PES, I would tell them that they are nice people to work with, are very professional and will help you with any concerns you may have.

August Acres

20.16 kW Agricultural Roof Mount Solar System

August Acres 20.16 kW Agricultural Roof Mount Solar System

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Solar Panel Installer for Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Hassle-free solar panel systems for homes, farms, and businesses

Paradise Energy Solutions completes every aspect of converting your home or business to solar power, from the system design and panel installation to the tax credit paperwork.

Paradise Energy Solutions installers are well trained employees with technical certifications and trusted Paradise Energy Solutions Partners. You’ll be dealing with some of the best trained and most experienced solar installers in Maryland.

Other Maryland residents and business owners have partnered with Paradise Energy Solutions for their solar panel installations.

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Serving the Entire Eastern MD Region & Southern Delaware

We are the leading solar installer on the Eastern Shore. The poultry industry on the Shore is benefiting greatly from installing solar.

Our main office located in Salisbury, MD, serves all of the Eastern Shore and southern Delaware, including:

  • Easton, MD
  • Denton, MD
  • Cambridge, MD
  • Ocean City, MD
  • Crisfield, MD
  • Snow Hill, MD
  • Laurel, DE
  • Seaford, DE
  • Georgetown, DE
  • Dover, DE


Ocean Breeze Alpaca Farm — Berlin, MD

“We haven’t gotten a bill from Delmarva Power since we turned it on.” — John Taylor, Owner

John Taylor, owner of Ocean Breeze Alpaca Farm in Berlin, MD, drastically reduced his farm’s utility bill by switching to solar.


Solar Projects We’ve Completed in Maryland

Here are a few projects we’ve completed across the state.


Eastern Shore Staff

Warren Miller

Warren Miller
Director of Sales & Marketing

Brad Fox

Brad Fox
Branch Manager/Project Manager

Tom Agnetti

Tom Agnetti
Solar Consultant

Sia Lappin

Sia Lappin
Solar Consultant

Tim Sexton

Tim Sexton
Solar Consultant

Mercedes Moyer

Mercedes Moyer
Office Manager

Anthony Kurtz

Anthony Kurtz

Daryl Gross

Daryl Gross
Warranty Technician

Doug Fenninger

Doug Fenninger
Solar Installer

Eric Evans

Eric Evans
Solar Installer

Mark Howard

Mark Howard
Solar Installer


Why Choose Us as Your Solar Installer

Reduce Your Monthly Utility Bill

From the start, our focus is to design and install the most efficient solar panel system for your needs and budget. This extra attention and expertise translates into a lower monthly energy bill for you. Typically, your monthly solar energy bill combined with your new electricity bill will be much lower than your old electricity bill. Over several years, those savings add up, plus you shield yourself from unpredictable energy cost fluctuations.

Get Guaranteed Results

We’re absolutely confident in our solar panel installation work. We include a 10-year performance warranty on each new system that we install. What does that mean? If the output doesn’t meet our minimum output projections, we will refund the difference based on current energy prices.

We Know Solar Inside and Out

From your initial site assessment to a yearly checkup of your equipment, everyone you deal with will have undergone a minimum 60 hours of classroom training from Solar Energy International. Part of our commitment to customer service is making sure you get thorough answers to all your questions every step of the way.

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Making “Going Solar” More Affordable in Maryland

Maryland Residential Clean Energy Grant Program

Maryland offers a $1,000 grant for solar array systems up to 20kW in size. These grants are available to home owners and business owners. Learn more about Maryland grants »

Sales & Use Tax Exemption

In April 2008, the Maryland enacted legislation exempting solar energy equipment from the state sales and use tax. Solar energy equipment is defined as “equipment that uses solar energy to heat or cool a structure, generate electricity to be used in a structure, or provide hot water for use in a structure” This exemption includes all solar arrays that are installed in the State of Maryland, including residential, commercial, agricultural, non-profit, and others. This allows Paradise Energy Solutions to pass on a lower installed cost for your solar array! (Source)


Maryland Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs)
Homeowners utilizing solar power generate SRECs, which can be sold to electricity providers. Electric utilities need to maintain certain amounts of SRECs in order to fulfill Maryland’s Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) for solar energy production. Each 1,000 kilowatt hours your solar panels produce is worth 1 credit. Generating SRECs is an entirely separate benefit on top of your electricity savings. Click here to see the current value of Maryland SRECs.

Federal & State Tax Incentives


A 30% tax credit allows you, as the homeowner, to claim a credit on your federal tax return worth 30% of the solar array installed cost. Photovoltaic systems must provide electricity for the residence, and must meet applicable fire and electrical code requirement in order to qualify for the tax credit. This credit can be carried forward to future tax years if it is not claimed in its entirety in the year that the solar panels are installed. For example, let’s say you’re claiming a $2,500 credit on a $2,000 tax bill – you can’t use the credit to get $500 back from the IRS. Instead, you’ll carry over the credit to the following tax year.

Tax Credit vs. Deduction
A tax credit is taken directly off your tax payment, rather than as a deduction from your taxable income. The solar panel tax credit may be applied to a primary residence, a vacation home, and for either an existing structure or new construction. Other than the cost of the system, there is no limit on the dollar amount of the credit.


A 30% tax credit allows the business owner to claim a credit on Federal income taxes worth 30% of the installed cost of a solar facility. There is no maximum set for the credit. There are provisions for carryback of the credit to previous years and carry forward of the credit to future tax years.

Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System (MACRS) allows businesses to recover investments in solar property through depreciation deductions. This is achieved through a 5-year tax depreciation schedule, allowing a business to recover a portion of their investment quickly.

Eligible Solar Energy Systems Must Do One (or More) of the Following:*
• Generate electricity
• Heat or cool a building
• Provide hot water (for use in a structure, or to provide solar process heat)