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Solar Basics | 3 min read

How Does a Solar Panel Produce Energy?

Solar panels take energy from the sun and turn it into electricity. But how can something so small and regular-looking turn something as

Miscellaneous | 2 min read

Biden Announces Two Year Tariff Exemption For Solar Panels

On June 5, 2022, President Biden announced a 24-month tariff exemption for solar panels produced in Southeast Asia. This calmed the growing

Miscellaneous | 3 min read

How the New Solar Tariff Could Impact Your Solar System

The U.S. Department of Commerce is investigating claims that solar panel manufacturers in Southeast Asia are circumventing tariffs enacted

Miscellaneous | 3 min read

The Best Solar Installation Companies in Delmarva

If you’re looking for the best solar installers near you, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we list the top solar companies

Solar for Businesses | 6 min read

Payback and ROI of Solar Energy for Farms & Businesses

Installing solar panels requires an upfront investment. The return on that investment and the length of the payback period are often big

Miscellaneous | 2 min read

Paradise Energy Among Top Solar Contractors in the US

Solar Power World, the leader in news and information for the solar industry, releases an annual list of the country’s top solar

Solar Basics | 3 min read

Is Solar Power Worth It In West Virginia?

Many businesses, farmers, and homeowners across the US are saving a significant amount of money with solar energy. But those savings

Solar for Homeowners | 4 min read

Using Solar Energy As A Retirement Tool

Whether you're looking towards the future or you've already hit the "golden-days" of retirement, cost containment and putting your money to

Solar for Homeowners | 5 min read

Will Solar Panels Be Cheaper in the Future?

While the technology that transforms sunlight into electricity has been around for decades, it wasn’t until the 2000s that solar power

Solar Equipment | 5 min read

How Green is Solar Energy?

A healthy bit of skepticism is important these days. From outrageous news stories with sketchy origins to grandiose claims made by

Solar Basics | 2 min read

Utility Electric vs. Solar Energy: An Honest Comparison

Purchasing electric from your local utility company might be the easiest, most common way to power your home or business, but there are

Solar Equipment | 3 min read

Can Solar Panels be Recycled?

Solar ownership is a long-term investment. Many manufacturers guarantee their solar panels up to 25 or even 30 years. And it’s very likely

Miscellaneous | 4 min read

How Solar Panels are Attached to Your Roof

Roofs have an important job. They keep warmth in and keep everything else out. However, they can’t do much else - and unless you have a

Solar for Homeowners | 3 min read

All You Need To Know About Solar System Monitoring

One of the greatest attributes of solar energy is its transparency. Solar system owners can access their system’s performance at virtually

Solar for Homeowners | 5 min read

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Is going solar a good idea? The answer to this question can vary for each situation. Being a solar installation company, it is our mission

Solar for Homeowners | 4 min read

How Safe Are Your Solar Panels in Severe Weather?

On September 11, 2018, a hurricane with 1-minute-long gusts of wind at speeds of 150 mph raged off the coast of North Carolina. As the

Solar for Homeowners | 5 min read

Third-Party Energy Suppliers: Do I Need One?

Many states in the country allow you to sign up for a third-party energy supplier. While these companies introduce competition into the

News | 10 min read

Top 10 Counties in Maryland for Solar

In May of 2019, Maryland passed the Clean Energy Jobs Act, mandating that 50% of the state’s electricity be produced by renewable energy

Solar for Businesses | 3 min read

Demand Charges with Solar Energy: How They Work and What You Can Do

If you have a solar system or are thinking about installing a solar system, it’s important to understand what your electric bill will look

Solar for Homeowners | 4 min read

How to Lower Your Electric Bill This Winter

Less daylight, cooler weather, more time indoors. When winter comes around, it seems like there are countless reasons to draw on extra

Solar for Homeowners | 6 min read

How to Understand and Compare Your Solar Energy Proposals

Are you looking for a better way to buy your electricity? Are you deciding on whether solar is right for you? If so, don’t let the

Solar Equipment | 3 min read

Batteries vs. Generators: Which Energy Backup Option Is Best For You?

For many years, gasoline generators have been the primary option for consumers looking for a backup power source in case of an electric

Solar for Homeowners | 3 min read

5 Tips For Designing Your Next Building with Solar Energy in Mind

Are you planning to build a new building for your business or a new home? We’ve compiled a list of 5 tips that you should take into

Solar for Homeowners | 2 min read

Do I Need Insurance For My Solar System?

Does your solar system need to be insured? The short answer is yes. Installing a solar system is a big investment that will have

Solar for Homeowners | 1 min read

5 Things to Examine When Selecting a Solar Installation Company

Deciding to install a solar system is a big decision. A solar system is a 30+ year investment, and it’s important to find a company that

Solar Basics | 2 min read

Understanding Solar Component Warranties

One of the advantages of investing in solar are the long-term benefits and warranties of the components that make up a solar array. Nearly

Solar Basics | 2 min read

Are Solar Farms Really Profitable? The Truth About Making Money With Solar.

Buy an empty lot. Install solar panels. Produce Electricity. Make Money. Right? Unfortunately, this scenario is not possible, and this blog

Solar Basics | 1 min read

Off-Grid Solar vs. Grid-Tied Solar

As the name implies, grid-tied solar means the solar system is connected to the electrical grid, and conversely off-grid solar means the