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solar panels on chicken house roof

We were recently asked, “Is it safe to install solar panels on a chicken house roof?” The short answer is yes, if the proper evaluations are completed prior to the installation.


Every roof mount solar system that Paradise Energy considers for installation must first be evaluated by a Certified Architect or Professional Structural Engineer who is licensed to work in the state where the solar system will be installed.


The Process to Determine if Your Roof Is Safe for Solar Panels

  1. Paradise Energy will design a solar system that best fits your requirements
  2. The solar system design and the building will be evaluated by a Certified Architect or Professional Structural Engineer
  3. The structural professional will provide Paradise Energy and the solar system owner with a certified letter stating their approval to install the solar system
  4. If the building is not deemed safe for solar, the recommended changes will be reviewed by Paradise Energy and the solar system owner to determine the best plan for moving forward
  5. After the recommended changes are implemented, the building will be reevaluated by the structural professional
  6. All certifications are received and the installation starts


The structural professional will determine if the roof can safely handle a solar system. They use various engineering calculations to determine if the roof has been designed and safely built to support the added weight of solar panels and the added stress from the wind and snow loads on the panels. After their evaluation is complete and the roof is deemed safe for solar panels, the structural professional will provide a stamped and certified letter stating their approval to Paradise Energy and the solar system owner. It is only after receiving this certification that we will install solar panels on a chicken house or any roof.


In some cases, the structural professional will determine that additional support will be required to meet the engineering requirements for adding solar panels. This information will be reviewed with the customer and we will jointly determine the best way to implement the required changes. The structural professional will then reevaluate the structure after the changes are implemented and provide final approval to move forward with the solar installation.


At no point will Paradise Energy install a system on a roof that has not been professionally evaluated and determined to be adequate, or properly reinforced according to the professional instructions given to us by the structural professional.


Is Solar Right For Your Poultry Farm? 


We're here to help you determine if solar is the right investment for you. Contact us to learn more about a roof mount or ground mount solar system for your farm. You can also learn more about solar energy by visiting our Solar for Farms page.


Rick Naranjo

Rick is the VP of Operations at Paradise Energy Solutions, working from our corporate headquarters in Paradise, PA. He has earned the Residential and Commercial Photovoltaic Systems Certificate from Solar Energy International.

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