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Are you a homeowner or business leader looking to invest in a solar energy system but feel overwhelmed by where to begin and what questions to ask? You’ve come to the right place. 

In this guide, we draw upon over 15 years of experience from Paradise Energy Solutions to highlight the top 10 questions you should ask your solar salesperson. Explore the list of questions to kickstart your journey toward a smooth and successful solar investment.

Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Solar Salesperson

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

The solar industry is known for its volatility, often referred to as the "solar coaster." A key indicator of a solar company's reliability and expertise is its longevity. Companies that have navigated the industry's ups and downs for many years are more likely to be around to support your system and honor warranties in the future. Look for a company with at least a decade of experience to ensure stability and knowledge.

2. How Well-Trained Are Your Employees?

A solar energy system requires experience and know-how to properly install the equipment to the electrical code and equipment manufacturer specifications while keeping the installation aesthetically pleasing. This is why the qualifications and certifications of the team installing your solar system are paramount. 

Ask about their training programs and the certifications, such as NABCEP, that the company’s employees have completed. Ensure that regular training and mentoring are an ongoing part of their company culture. This ensures that the team working on your project is knowledgeable and up-to-date with the latest solar technologies and installation practices.

3. What Do Your Customers Say About You?

Understanding past customers' experiences provides valuable insights into the company’s reliability and the quality of service they provide. Explore online reviews (Google and are two good places to start), watch testimonial videos from past customers, and ask for references to speak to. 

 A consistent record of positive feedback and improvement over time is a good sign.

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4. How Long Will My Installation Take?

The timeframe from contract signing to installation completion can vary widely depending on the type of installation, the size of the system, and your location. A reputable company will provide a realistic timeline, taking into account their current project backlog, the complexity of your installation, and potential delays from utility approvals. This information helps set appropriate expectations for the project duration.

5. Paperwork and Permits: Who Handles the Administrative Tasks?

Solar installations involve a significant amount of paperwork, including permits, utility connection agreements, and grant applications. Clarify who is responsible for these tasks. Many solar companies handle all administrative aspects for their customers, which will simplify the process for you and ensure that applications are completed accurately and timely.

At Paradise Energy, we have a team of process managers who are dedicated to handling this work for you. 

6. What Equipment Do You Use?

Not all solar equipment is created equally. The origin and quality of the solar panels and inverters used in your installation are important factors. You want to make sure you use equipment from reputable brands that provide quality warranties. 

With the introduction of the domestic content tax adder, using qualifying American-made equipment could earn you an additional 10% federal tax credit. However, as of this blog's writing, the exact details of how to qualify for this bonus 10% are unclear. 

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7. Financing Options: What Financing Do You Offer?

Understanding the financing options available can significantly impact the affordability and feasibility of your solar investment. While some companies may offer in-house financing, exploring external financing through your bank or credit union most often provide better terms.

8. Post-Installation Support: How Will You Service My System?

For the most part, a solar energy system is a set-and-forget solution. But just like any electronic or other type of machinery, breakdowns can occur. This is why it's crucial to work with a solar company that has a dedicated service department. 

Ask how the company handles warranty claims, maintenance checks, and troubleshooting. Companies with dedicated service departments have trained personnel who are ready to help and quickly resolve issues.

9. What Warranties Do You Provide?

A comprehensive warranty package is a significant aspect of your solar investment. You need to be aware of two types of warranties: manufacturer warranties and installer-backed warranties. 

Manufacturer warranties are the same across the board, assuming you're working with a certified installer. They cover product issues and performance. However, they do not cover the cost to diagnose and repair these issues. That’s why installer-backed warranties are so important. 
Many Installation companies back their installations with workmanship warranties, and less common guarantees guarantee the production of your system. For example, our Triple Ten Guarantee guarantees the production of the systems we install for the first ten years. 

Both types of warranties are very valuable for the long-term success of your solar investment. 

10. Company Financial Stability: Will Your Company Be Around For The Long Haul?

Finally, the financial health of the solar provider is a critical consideration. While most companies will keep their financials private, don’t hesitate to ask about their profitability and financial strategies. A company that has consistently been profitable is more likely to be reliable in the long term to back warranties and provide the necessary maintenance services. 

Selecting the right solar energy partner is a pivotal decision that impacts not just the initial installation but also the long-term return on your investment. By asking these 10 important questions, you’ll be better equipped to choose a company that aligns with your needs, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to solar energy.

At Paradise Energy Solutions, we pride ourselves on transparency, expertise, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. For homeowners and business leaders ready to explore how solar can save money and promote sustainability, request your free custom quote using the "Get A Quote" button above. 

If you're not ready for a quote, download our solar buyer's guide or visit The Solar Energy to keep learning about all things solar energy. 

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