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Paradise Energy Among Top Solar Contractors in the US

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Paradise Energy Ranks on Top Solar Contractors List in 2021

Solar Power World, the leader in news and information for the solar industry, releases an annual list of the country’s top solar installers. Each firm that makes this list proves their solar-power prowess through the amount of kilowatt-hours of solar installed. This shows the firms’ leadership in all aspects of installing solar, from sales and marketing to estimating and installation. 

Paradise Energy is incredibly honored to join the other top-tier organizations on 2021’s Top Solar Contractors list. Of the 400 firms that ranked nationally, we earned spot #130 among all installers for the 10,454 kW of solar energy our team installed in 2020. We also ranked as the 2nd commercial EPC in Pennsylvania.

This is Paradise Energy’s tenth consecutive year ranking on the list, which started ten years ago. We’re one of just 18 companies to have placed on the list each year since its inception.

On the first list in 2012, Paradise Energy ranked 98th of 250 firms, installing 2.61 megawatts of solar that year. To suit the rapidly growing solar industry, Solar Power World increased the list size to 400 firms in 2013—which is the amount they continue to use to this day.

As Paradise Energy’s team and business footprint expanded across the Mid-Atlantic into now eight states, our installation capacity also grew. By 2019, we had reached over 10 MW of installed solar energy each year and cracked the top third of installers with a rank of 113.

Solar Power World’s Top Solar Contractors list puts us toe-to-toe with large developers of utility-scale solar farms. The amount of kW they install annually may exceed ours, but we’re ranked much higher among EPC’s serving the same commercial, agricultural, and residential mark.

To check out our rankings and installation statistics throughout the years, check out this page.


The Secret to Success: Our Team

From 2012’s list to the current one, Paradise Energy went from installing 2.61 MW of solar energy to 10.454 MW. We more than tripled our installation rate. 

This success all comes down to two significant factors: the people we work with and the people we work for. 

From a room in an old stone farmhouse in the Lancaster County countryside to offices spread across eight states, we’ve grown our team with the intention to bring the best solar installation experience to more people. That team is now approaching 100 members. 

Khimira Farms flips the switch to solar energyOur hardworking and innovative employees are essential to the consistency and longevity of our company. The strong relationships they create with our suppliers, vendors, and other industry leaders keep us at the forefront of emerging trends and technology. Most importantly, they’re committed to continuous learning and always doing things the right way—even if it goes against our own bottom line. 

With our experience, we’ve forged lasting relationships with top-tier solar panel and inverter manufacturers to install the best equipment for our customers. Our options seek to balance cost, quality, and performance to ensure a long-lasting system. We aim to meet the short-term budgets and long-term financial goals of our clients. 

We’re so thankful for all of our past, current, and prospective customers and the trust they have in us to install their solar systems. 

The Future Shines Bright

With an expanding focus on renewable energy sources, the solar industry is poised to continue its exponential growth. Paradise Energy is well-suited to grow along with the industry. 

Ontario-Orchards_Solar-System_1Despite the pandemic and a market where demand is outpacing supply, the solar industry has had a great 2021. Solar made up 58% of all new electricity-generating capacity in the United States during the first quarter of 2021, according to the Solar Energy Industries Associates (SEIA). 

Does taking control of your energy production, reducing your carbon footprint, and cutting your electricity bill sound like something that’s right for you or your business? Joining the growing number of Americans powered by solar may be the right move for you. 

Or, are you looking for a new career in an in-demand industry that is helping make the world a better, more sustainable place? Consider joining the Paradise Energy team! Click here to see our current job openings. 

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