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What Are The Best Solar Panels On The Market?

Solar for Homeowners | 2 min read
The best solar panels for 2021

Which solar panels are the best? Here at Paradise Energy Solutions, we have a team of industry experts that continually examine our product offering to ensure our customers are receiving the best all-around products available on the market. We select our products based on several factors, such as: the manufacturer’s reputation, quality history, product availability, and the company’s financial standing.  

We’ve used those factors to select four solar panel manufacturers that we feel are among the best. When designing and installing a solar system, we use panels from Axitec, Hanwha Q Cell, LG Solar, and Peimar. We then select a panel from these four brands during the estimating and design process. The selection is made based on customer preference, energy production needs, desired price point, and available installation space. 

2021 Solar Panel Comparison

Below is a look at the four solar panel brands that we currently offer and how they compare to each other. In this comparison, we are looking at their warranty, price, module (panel) efficiency %, and the panel type & size offering.

  Axitec Q-Cell LG Solar Peimar
Warranty (Performance) 25-year linear (85%) 25-year linear (83%-85%) 25-year linear (86%-87%) 30-year linear (79%-81%)
Warranty (Product) 15 years 12 years 25 years 20 years
Pricing $$ $$ $$$ $$
Modules Efficiency (%) 17%-17.9% 17.3%-20.2% 19.3%-21.1% 16.6%-18.4%
Sizes 60 and 72 cell 60 and 72 cell 60 and 72 cell 60 and 72 cell
Type Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline
Manufacturer Tier N/A 1 1 N/A
Headquarter Location Germany South Korea South Korea Italy
Parent Company N/A Hanwha Corporation LG Electronics N/A


Solar panel manufacturers typically offer a product warranty and a performance warranty. A product warranty covers defects in material or workmanship. The performance warranty guarantees the performance of the panel will stay above a specified degradation rate.

Why this is important:
It guarantees your investment. You can be confident that your system will produce what it’s projected to produce.

Module Efficiency %:
The module efficiency is the ratio of energy output from the solar panel versus the energy intake from the sun.

Why this is important:
The module efficiency helps determine the potential energy output of a solar system. It also helps determine how many panels are needed to produce your desired energy output.

Solar panels are made up of individual cells that produce energy. These cells are wired together in a series to make up the solar panel. The more cells that a panel has, the higher the output will be. Most panels will have either 60 or 72 cells.

Why this is important:
The panel size helps determine the design of the system - space used, amount of inverters, etc.

Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline are the two main types of material used in solar panels. Monocrystalline has higher efficiency rates and is more space-efficient, but tend to be more expensive. Polycrystalline is typically the cheaper option of the two, but these panels are not as efficient.

Why this is important:
The type of panel used will determine the look (polycrystalline has more of a blue look and monocrystalline has a darker tint), the power output of the system, and the amount of space needed to produce the desired energy output.

Things To Consider When Selecting Solar Panels For Your System

It’s important to select a panel that is cost-effective and gives the best possible ROI. To make that selection, we suggest selecting panels based on these factors:

  • Customer brand preference
  • Available space
  • Desired energy production
  • Aesthetic requirements
  • Price budget

If you're looking for a deeper dive into each panel brand visit our comparison blogs:

We’re Here To Help Design and Install Your Solar System

If you find your search for solar panels to be overwhelming, don’t worry! Our team of industry experts is ready to help select your equipment, design your system, and complete the installation. We will examine your energy needs and design a cost-effective solar system that will provide the best possible ROI. 

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