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WATCH: Cindy Jackson from Mechanicsburg, PA shares why she and her husband decided to go solar.

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Creating a Bright and Sustainable Future for All

Paradise Energy Solutions is the premier supplier of solar energy solutions to residents throughout the Northeast. From our regional offices, we’ve been providing solar panels for homes in PA, MD, VA, NY, OH, NJ and DE. We know solar energy better than just about anyone. Our goal is to make it easy for homeowners to adopt clean, renewable energy, without a large investment or significant disruption to their lives.

"From the time we attended a Paradise open house, we were comfortable with the staff. They were informative and responsive to our needs and questions. The installation was done in a timely and professional manner. Now that the system is functioning, it is very exciting to know that we are producing power environmentally! I enjoy checking the inverters and seeing that even on cloudy days, we are making electricity. I have recommended Paradise to several friends already."
- Linda T

What You Might Have Heard About Solar Power

It can save me money
It’s true! A properly designed and installed solar energy system can eliminate your electric bill, and you can even get paid for the excess electricity you generate. If you have heard solar is “clean and green” it is! There are no byproducts from generating solar electricity.
I feel installation is complicated and risky
It isn’t! With the right solar design and expert installation, your system will operate trouble and nearly maintenance free for at least 25 years. Not only that, Paradise Energy Solutions handles all the paperwork and provides an output guarantee!
It is expensive for me to switch
Switching to solar might be the best investment you’ve ever made! We will show you how residential solar panels make economic sense so that you can make a wise investment that is both low risk with a high rate of return.

Financing is difficult
Financing your home’s solar panel installation has gotten much easier with an exciting offer from Admiral Bank. Their new solar loans program can help you make your solar dreams come true without a large investment!

Visit the financing page for more information or call 877-851-9269 to talk about your options with one of our solar consultants and see how much you could benefit.

What You Need to Know Before Switching

Ask us lots of questions! We created a Solar Power 101 resource to answer many of the common questions about installing solar panels.

Company Quick Facts


30.82 MW

panels installed

$4.5 million+
USDA Grants awarded to our customers

Solar Energy Installation Should Be Simple, Easy, and Worry-free.

We do three things to make that happen:

  • We'll complete all of the paperwork and make sure you get all federal and state tax credits you are eligible to receive.
  • Our installers are our employees, not fly-by-night sub-contractors who may not have the certifications and experience our installers have.
  • We offer a 10-year performance guarantee on each new system that we install. We will refund you the difference* if the output doesn’t meet our minimum output projections.
*Based on current energy prices

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