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Request Solar Panel Quote For Your Home

Discover if solar is a wise investment for you (at absolutely no cost).


You should request a quote if…

  • You’re ready to take control of a fixed-cost
  • You want to pay fewer taxes
  • You want an investment with a quick payback and high ROI
  • Working with a family-owned, local team of solar experts is important to you
“Far and away Paradise [Energy] was the most responsive. They listened to what I wanted. Everything from the initial proposals, to initial meetings, all the way through the planning it was obvious they were listening to me… They respected my property, which I appreciate a great deal.”

Mike Holifield


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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Paradise Energy Provide?
Paradise Energy offers a diverse range of solutions, from rooftop and ground mounts to solar carports, EV charging stations, and dependable battery backup options, all tailored to meet your requirements and advance your sustainability objectives.
Who is a good fit to work with Paradise Energy?
Paradise Energy stands out as the perfect partner for those who prioritize:
  • Our core values of faith, integrity, innovation, teamwork, and stewardship that drive every aspect of our work.
  • Collaborating with a well-established, family-owned company with a wealth of experience in the solar energy industry.
  • Our unwavering focus on solar energy, allowing us to excel in this specialized field.
  • The unmatched assurance of our industry-leading Triple Ten Guarantee.
What states does Paradise Energy work in?
Paradise Energy offers solar installations and maintenance services across a wide range of states including Delaware, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.
What information will be provided in your custom quote?
Our customized quotes provide a detailed look into your solar investment. Each quote includes:
  • A thorough breakdown of the equipment used
  • Visual depiction of the system design
  • In-depth analysis of costs and incentives
  • 30-year cash flow forecast
  • Implementation timeline for the project