Solar Panel System and Maintenance Support

Building a long-term partnership that keeps your PV solar system running efficiently.

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Keep Your Solar System Producing at Peak Efficiency

Paradise Energy Solutions is an established industry leader with over 800 PV solar installations. When choosing to partner with us for your system’s maintenance support, you get a team of experienced certified solar technicians trained by recognized industry organizations.

"Paradise Energy has been servicing my solar array for several years now. They consistently provide excellent service, and they are always very pleasant to deal with. Their people are first rate and they do great work."
— Terry Quain (Google review)

Solar Maintenance Services

Inverter & Wiring Repairs

Our technicians are trained to diagnose and fix inverter and wiring issues that prevent your system from running at peak efficiency.

Online Monitoring

We will monitor your system to assure production is within the expected range. If production falls outside that range, we will dispatch a technician to your site to evaluate and implement the required repairs.

System Checkups & Preventive Maintenance

Our technicians will conduct a thorough analysis of your system, following our thorough checklist. This includes string testing with our I-V Curve Tracer, insulation resistance testing, and other tests that measure your system's performance.

Panel Replacement

We will identify and replace panels that are experiencing low-voltage issues or zero power output.

Maintenance Support Program

discovery meeting

Discovery Meeting

The Paradise team will meet with you to review your system design in detail. This allows us to understand how your PV system is intended to perform. We can then discuss specific issues you wish to address.

review solar production data

Review Historical Data

We will review your historical performance data to understand how your system is performing. This will allow us to identify and understand any issues with your system’s performance.

Commercial solar installation

Site Visit

We will schedule a time for us to be on site at your array. This time will be scheduled to allow us the best opportunity to observe and measure your system under favorable irradiance conditions.

The visit will start in the morning with a walk through with your site representative, if available. This allows us to make note of any visible safety issues, and perform a brief on-site safety meeting to ensure all parties go “Home Safe Every Day.”

Using our annual system check-up, our technicians will conduct a thorough analysis of your system. This includes string testing with our I-V Curve Tracer, Insulation Resistance Testing, and other tests as required. A detailed written report and our recommendations will be provided in 10 business days after the visit. The report will include our cost estimate.

Ready To Get Started?

The first step is to schedule a free discovery meeting where we'll evaluate your system setup and determine issues that you wish us to address.
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