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Request Pricing For Solar System Maintenance


Stop wasting sunlight. Keep your system running at its peak.



You should request a quote if you’re ready to take control of a fixed-cost, you want to pay fewer taxes, you want an investment with a quick payback and high ROI, and if you’re working with a family-owned, local team of solar experts is important to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Paradise Energy Provide?
Paradise Energy Solutions provides a variety of solar maintenance services, including inverter and wiring repairs, PV solar system commissioning, checkups and preventive maintenance, panel replacement, panel removal and reinstallation, critter guard installation, battery system maintenance, and much more.
What size systems does Paradise Energy service?
At Paradise Energy, our maintenance and support crew delivers unparalleled service across all photovoltaic (PV) solar systems, regardless of size—from large utility-scale systems to roof and ground mounts at commercial and residential properties. 
What is Paradise Energy's service area?

Operating out of seven strategically located branch offices, our skilled team of service technicians provides PV Solar maintenance services across Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia.