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Solar Panel Removal & Reinstallation For Roof Repairs


We Make The Reroofing Process Simple

Homeowners occasionally need to have their solar panels removed and reinstalled. It could be to install a new roof, or maybe you just need to complete a minor repair. Whatever the reason is, our team of solar experts is ready to help make this project painless for you.

We understand this is not a fun project for anyone. Our team will work with you to make it simple, and we’ll do everything in our control to complete the process quickly to eliminate your system’s downtime.

How the removal and reinstall process works:

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Our team will remove your panels, racking, and roof attachments.

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Your roofing company completes the installation or repair work.

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Our team reinstalls your panels and other equipment. We will not leave until your system is tested and recommissioned.

Request Your Free Quote

After requesting a solar panel removal quote, our team will contact you to gather the essential details about your project. We will use the information to provide you with an exact quote for what the reroofing service will cost. 

Note: We currently only provide reroofing service in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York (upstate), Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. 

Your Reroofing Questions, Answered

How much will the removal and reinstallation of my solar panels cost?

The cost to remove and reinstall your panels will vary for each project depending on the size of the system, the number of the roof faces your panels are on, the height and pitch of your roof, the type of roof (shingles, rubber, metal, etc.), and the travel time for our crew.

Request a free quote to get an exact solar panel removal cost.


Do you remove solar hot water systems?

Unfortunately, we do not work on solar hot water systems. Our service team only provides service for PV solar systems. 

How long does the reroofing process take?

The standard residential reroof project will require one day to remove and two days to re-install the system. In addition, there will be downtime while your roofing company completes its work. The entire process typically takes 1-2 weeks.

Commercial and agricultural reroof projects will take longer depending on the size and scope of the project. An estimated timeline will be provided with our quote.

Can I add panels to my system during the reinstallation process?

We can typically add solar panels during the reroofing project. However, please contact us to confirm and discuss your options. 

This blog highlights what you need to consider when expanding your solar system

Do you reuse the original parts when reinstalling the system?

The existing racking and solar panels are stored at your chosen location and will be reused. However, we will provide new attachment hardware when reinstalling your system. This helps avoid leaks in your new roof.