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Can I Put Solar on My Roof?

Will solar energy work with my roof? Chances are yes! Solar panels can be attached to most roof types, flat or sloping. Our operations team is one of the few experienced in working with all roof types - we even do ground mounts and carports.  Here’s a list of the roof types we will install solar on and how the panels are attached.

Types of Roofs solar panels can be installed on


We work with both standing seam and ribbed metal roofs. There is no penetration to the actual roof with the standing seam metal roof. The system’s racking connects directly to the seam.

Sloped Standing Seam Metal Roof with Solar Racking Sloped Standing Seam Metal Roof with Solar Racking

Solar Racking on a Standing Seam Metal Roof



Panels are connected to a shingle roof using a mounting system that is anchored by a bolt into the building's rafters. The mount is then covered by a piece of flashing that is inserted under the previous shingle. The flashing is engineered to protect the bolt and your roof from the outside environment, maintaining a watertight seal around the bolt.

Flashing for a Shingle Roof Solar InstallationFlashing on a Shingle Roof

Flat Roof

We use a rail-less mounting system on flat roofs called a Ballast Mount. Each corner of the solar panel is connected to a tray that is held in place by a concrete block. There is no roof penetration with a Ballast Mount. As a result, Ballast Mounts can be installed without impacting the existing roof warranty.

Ballast Mount Solar SystemThe Paradise Energy Installation Crew Installing a Ballast Mount Solar System.


Ground Mounts and Carports

In addition to roof mounts, we also install ground-mounted solar systems and carports. These types of systems can be placed wherever the conditions are best for solar, making them a great alternative for someone who doesn’t have enough usable roof space or just prefer to not have panels mounted to the roof.

Ground Mount Solar SystemGround Mount Solar System
Solar CarportSolar Carport

How Do I Know If My Roof is Right for Solar?

At Paradise Energy, we've installed solar systems for over 1,600 customers across the mid-Atlantic. If you'd like to learn more about solar energy, you can read more of our educational blog posts, download our solar buying guide, or request a custom quote using the button below. 

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