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What are Benefits of Solar Energy for Specific Industries?

These Industries can take advantage of Solar Energy

With falling installation costs, generous grants, and tax incentives, businesses of all types are in a great position to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy. By installing a solar system, manufacturing industries, agricultural operations, and commercial businesses can save on electricity costs,  take control of future energy price increases and reduce their tax burden.

Here are some examples of how these industries can take advantage of solar energy:

Manufacturing Industry Can Benefit from Solar Energy

The manufacturing process generally uses a substantial amount of electricity, which makes a manufacturer an excellent candidate for solar energy. In addition, manufacturers typically operate in large buildings with a lot of available roof space for a solar system. Solar energy will save a manufacturer thousands of dollars over time on electricity costs and provides a hedge against energy price increases, making a manufacturer more competitive. Tax incentives, including the 26% federal tax credit, make the return on investment very attractive.

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Agricultural Industry has advantages to using Solar Energy

Agricultural operations, such as poultry and dairy farms, also use a lot of electricity and typically have lots of sunny, available roof space. For example, a chicken farm requires electricity to run fans and must maintain a consistent temperature throughout the year. A roof-mounted solar system allows the business to switch from electricity generated by the utility company, to clean electricity generated on-site. Tax incentives and generous grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture make solar energy a very sound business decision.


Commercial businesses can benefit from solar energy

A commercial business, such as an office building or department store, will see a similar return on investment as a manufacturer or farmer. If you have available roof space and would like to take control of your electricity costs, you are a perfect candidate for solar energy. Also, if you are in a rural area, you may be eligible for grants from USDA.

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