Solar Services

For Farms

Rising costs and fluctuating market rates negatively impact your bottom line. Control your costs and secure your farm’s future with solar.

For Business

Reducing a fixed cost can drastically improve your business’s profitability. Find out how solar can help you achieve higher profits.

For Homes

See how you can reduce a monthly expense and lower your taxes, while also increasing your home’s value with a solar installation.

Solar Panel System and Maintenance Support

Solar Panel System and Maintenance Support

Paradise Energy Solutions is an established industry leader with over 800 PV solar installations. When choosing to partner with us for your system’s maintenance support, you get a team of experienced certified solar technicians trained by recognized industry organizations.

Solar Maintenance & Support

Let’s Start a Conversation

Schedule a free solar assessment and quote from Paradise Energy Solutions. Your local solar consultant will conduct a site review, go over your current electric bill, discuss financing and incentives, and provide you with a no-obligation quote for solar.