Solar Energy Videos

Solar 101

Discussing the trending topics everyone should understand before making the decision to go solar.

Installing solar systems is pretty important to us. But what’s more important is helping people make the decision that’s best for them. Solar isn’t for everyone, and we want to give you the tools to make that decision. If you’re thinking about installing solar, it’s important you understand these trending topics. Whether it’s financing information, weighing the pros and cons of solar energy, or simply how solar energy works, our project development team explains it all.


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Tech Tips

Solar panel maintenance, tips, and tricks straight from industry-certified solar experts.

Whether you’re a solar veteran troubleshooting a change in your monthly production or you’re just starting to explore your options for installing solar energy, you probably have a lot of technical questions. Our solar installation and maintenance teams answer your questions on everything from factors that impact your system’s production to troubleshooting techniques.

meter track solar system production wattnode  tour a solar system how solar energy works  how much power is your solar system producing  tech-tip-shadings-effect-on-solar-panels  tech-tip-how-to-remove-snow-from-solar-panels  tech-tip-how-to-understand-your-electric-bill  tech-tip-insulation-resistance-testing  tech-tip-voc-and-imp-testing  tech-tip-torquing-electrical-connections 




System Flyovers

Aerial videos exploring our solar installations.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? Here’s a look at some of the solar installations we’ve completed over the years. Maybe one day, we’ll feature your project! Want to see if we’ve completed a project near you? Check out this map of our installations.

system-flyovers-golden-rule-builders  system-flyovers-pemberton-equestrian-center   system-flyovers-salisbury-christian-school  system-flyovers-meadow-view-farm system-flyovers-paradise-energy-system




Our Customers’ Stories

Insights from people who have already made the switch to solar.

From businesses to farms to homes, solar energy has an impact on the lives of our customers. Listen to their stories and get their perspectives on what the process was like and how it has changed the way they pay for electricity. For more information on each of these installations, check out our Case Studies.

case-study-earl-fox  case-study-jackson-family  case-study-lank-johnson-tull  case-study-leprechaun-lines  case-study-nucamp  case-study-palmer-animal-hospital  case-study-rivevrmont-farms  case-study-woodvale-farms  case-study-berlin-gardens  case-study-brydgeworks  rodman-lott-case-study-seneca-falls-ny  triplett machine case study




About Paradise Energy Solutions

Here’s a look at what we’re all about.
Choosing an installer is one of, if not the most, important decisions you’ll make while going solar. These videos feature the story of our company, our major milestones, and services we can offer you.

about-pes-10th-anniversary-video about-pes-2018-in-review about-pes-1000-installation about-pes-installation-process about-pes-why-choose-paradise-energy






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