Solar Installations on the Eastern Shore

Helping Maryland Go Solar Since 2009.

Businesses, farms, and homes along the Eastern Shore are going solar to take advantage of its many benefits:


  • Cut a monthly expense by generating your own free electricity
  • Save on taxes with the 30% federal tax credit
  • Pay your commercial system back quicker with savings from accelerated depreciation



These Eastern Shore businesses, farms, and homes have already taken control of their own electricity to save money and the planet by installing solar with Paradise Energy:


    Solar for Businesses

      Discover the benefits of solar energy for businesses.

caroline county goldsboro business solar panels

Solar Install in Caroline County, MD

An 85.56 kW solar system provides free electricity for these Goldsboro emergency responders. Solar gives them access to the reliable energy they need for less.

solar panels on roof of red commercial building in vienna md

Solar Install in Dorchester County, MD

This Vienna-based vineyard and winery put their roof to work by installing a 49.56 kW solar system that provides enough electricity to power their business.

solar panels on roof of white building in mardela springs md

Solar Install in Wicomico County, MD

Located in Mardela Springs, this business installed a 38.64 kW solar system to keep their machines running while lowering their monthly expenses.

solar panels on green roof of retail building in eden maryland

Solar Install in Somerset County MD 

This Eden-based retail facility installed a 77.05 kW solar system on their roof to keep costs down and increase profits while helping the environment.




    Solar for Farms

      Learn how solar energy is helping farmers turn more profit.

solar panels on roof of equestrian barn in snow hill maryland

Solar Install in Worcester County, MD

This picturesque equestrian facility and event venue in Snow Hill installed a 61.48 kW solar system. Their renewable energy investment earns them a 19.9% ROI.

solar panels on roof of white barn in trappe md

Solar Install in Talbot County, MD

This 35.64 kW roof mount solar system covers 90% of this Trappe farm’s energy usage, drastically reducing their electricity costs each month.

solar system on dairy barn in chesterton md

Solar Install in Kent County, MD

This dairy farm in Chesterton installed a 151.9 kW solar system to power their operations. In just 1.7 years, the system has paid for itself.

solar panels on roof of poultry barn in wilards md

Solar Install in Wicomico County, MD

A 51.15 kW solar system tops the roof of this Wilards farm’s poultry house, which keeps the chickens happy and healthy for less.



    Solar for Homes

      Find out why so many homeowners in Maryland are going solar.

residential ground mount system in centerville md

Solar Install in Queen Anne’s County, MD

This Steuben County resident installed a 14.52 kW ground mount system to provide clean, renewable electricity to their home.

residential ground mount solar panels in cecil county md

Solar Install in Cecil County, MD

Located in Steuben County, these homeowners slashed their electric bill by installing a 9.6 kW solar system.

solar panels on roof of house in salisbury md

Solar Install in Wicomico County, MD 

A 12.18 kW roof mount system on this Salisbury home provides enough emission-free electricity to power the house.


Solar Install in Caroline County, MD

This Federalsburg homeowner installed a 10.98 kW system on the roof of his garage to provide free power to his property.




Do you want to learn if solar energy can help your business, farm, or home? These resources are a great place to start:


From Cecil County down to Somerset, our team of industry experts in Salisbury, MD are ready to answer questions and help you through the solar installation process.


Find out if solar energy can help you save money. Contacting us is free and easy, but we could help you drastically reduce your electricity cost for decades.