With great state-wide solar incentives, low installation costs and fast paybacks, New Yorkers are taking advantage of the benefits of solar


  • Pay less for electric
  • Take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit and save on taxes
  • Speed up your system’s payback with accelerated depreciation for businesses
  • Save with grants from NYSERDA, National Grid, and USDA


Just like these New York businesses, farms, and homes, you can take control of your electric costs with solar.


Solar Install in Phelps, NY

Based in Ontario County, this company installed a 201.96 kW solar system to keep their business running.


Solar Install in Himrod, NY

This Yates County builder and retailer installed a 58.08 kW solar system.


Solar Install in Greece, NY

Based in Monroe County, this business installed a 23.1 kW system to cut its operational costs.


Solar Install in Palmyra, NY

A Wayne-County-based manufacturer installed a 26.4 kW solar system to power their operations.


Solar Install in Branchport, NY

This vineyard in Yates County powers its wine-making operations with a 76.88 kW solar system.


Solar Install in Dundee, NY

A 15.5 kW ground mount provides this Yates County farm with clean and free electricity.


Solar Install in North Rose, NY

This Wayne County farm uses the power from its 24.96 kW roof-mounted solar system.


Solar Install in Rock Stream, NY

This Seneca County farm installed an 11 kW ground mount system to power their farm’s operations.


Solar Install in Prattsburg, NY

This Steuben County home installed a 14.52 kW ground mount system to provide clean, renewable electricity to their home.


Solar Install in Hornell, NY

Located in Steuben County, these homeowners slashed their electric bill by installing a 9.6 kW solar system.


Solar Install in Canadaigua, NY

Located in Ontario County, this private residence installed an 8.96 kW solar system on their roof.


Solar Install in Geneva, NY

This Ontario County home installed a 10.35 kW system on their house overlooking the Finger Lakes.

Want to learn more about switching to solar? These resources are a great place to start:


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