With some of the best solar incentives, low installation costs, and quick paybacks, many in New York are taking advantage of the benefits of solar.


  • Save on electricity costs
  • Pay fewer taxes with the 26% federal tax credit
  • Reach payback quicker with accelerated depreciation for businesses
  • Go solar for less with grants from NYSERDA, National Grid, and USDA

These New York businesses, farms, and homes near you took control of their electricity costs by switching to solar.


Solar Install in Oswego, NY

Based in Oswego County, this internet wholesaler installed a 21.12 kW solar system to keep their business running.


Solar Install in Cato, NY

This energy supplier installed a 14.96 kW system at their location in Cayuga County.


Solar Install in Belleville, NY

This local auto shop in Jefferson County installed a 14.4 kW solar system.


Solar Install in Clyde, NY

This Wayne-County-based masonry business installed a 33 kW solar system to power their operations.


Solar Install in Philadelphia, NY

This farm in Oswego County installed a 38.64 kW system to power their operations.


Solar Install in Skaneateles, NY

A 55.9 kW solar system was installed at this Onondaga County farm to cut their overhead costs.


Solar Install in Seneca Falls, NY

This Seneca County crop farm uses its 72.8 kW system to cover its electricity needs.


Solar Install in Syracuse, NY

A 14.85 kW system tops the barn at this Onondaga County farm, producing free, clean electricity.


Solar Install in Lafayette, NY

This Onondaga County home installed a 7.35 kW ground mount system to reduce their electric bill.


Solar Install in Oswego, NY

This Oswego County home installed an 8.96 kW solar system on their roof, protecting them from rising electricity rates.


Solar Install in Seneca, NY

This house in Seneca County installed a 6 kW solar system on their roof to cut electricity costs.


Solar Install in Waterloo, NY

A 10.88 kW solar system tops the roof of this house in Seneca County, providing free and clean electricity.

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