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Do you know someone that could benefit from solar energy?

Help them out and you will benefit too! For August only, you can earn double our standard referral payment if your lead installs a project with us.


Here’s how it works

1. Submit your lead’s information below.

2. They install a solar system. We send you a check.

3. You go out for a nice dinner, buy that gadget you’ve been eyeing up, take that much-needed vacation, or put it towards your next solar installation!


The Rules

Your lead(s) must be submitted before 11:59 pm on August 31, 2019 to qualify for the double payment. Otherwise, it will qualify for our standard payout. Your referral must install a solar system with us in order for you to receive payment. In addition, all leads must be new to us. They will not qualify if we have had prior contact with them. Checks will be mailed after the installation is completed.  There is no limit to the number of projects we will pay you for.


PES Referral Submission Form

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