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VA Event Venue Installs Solar

System Size: 39.6 kW (120 solar panels)
Installation Type: Roof Mount
Installation Date: Fall 2017
Location: Luray, VA

Annual Environmental Offset: 34.9 tons of CO2, or 73.5 barrels of oil

Khimaira Farm, a wedding venue in Luray, VA, is the home of goats and solar panels. Nearly 100% of their energy usage is offset using 120 Axitec solar panels, 3 SolarEdge inverters, and 120 SolarEdge optimizers. Visit their website to learn more about their solar system. 


"After investing much time into researching both the technology and the service providers, we selected Paradise Energy Solutions for our installation. They had good reviews and a sound reputation and we admired their business model as well. We weren't disappointed!  The equipment is high quality, and everyone who was involved in the process was professional, courteous and very skilled at their job.  We were informed of the progress every step of the way. We highly recommend them for any solar installation - large or small!"


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