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Westlake OH Dental Office Goes Solar

System Size: 35.42 kW (92 solar panels)
Installation Type: Roof Mount
Installation Date: June 2020
Location: Westlake, OH

30 Year Electric Savings: $92,786
Annual Environmental Offset: 27.6 tons of CO2, or 642.7 trees

The solar system, which is visible when entering the building’s main entrance, has become a big talking point. “I’m getting a lot of questions from clients that are interested in solar for themselves, or are happy with our decision to take on solar, or both,” stated Dr. Constantinou, the founder of Westlake Dental Associates. 

Patients are happy with the decision because of the significant environmental impact the system will have. In just the first year alone, the system will produce enough clean energy to offset 27.6 tons of CO2 or save 643 trees. 

In addition to helping the environment, the system will play a big role in reducing Westlake Dental’s operating costs. “Usually in the summer months, we are running a lot of electricity throughout the building to keep all of our equipment operating and the AC is usually on full blast,” said Dr. Constantinou, “It can be hard to budget all that expense. Solar takes a big bite out of that.” 

"Paradise Energy team was responsive and helpful every step of the way. ."

Dr. Constantinou
Owner, Westlake Dental Associates

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