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Performance Car Part Distributor Installs Pa's Largest Carport

System Size: 1 MW
Installation Type: Carport
Installation Date: Summer 2020
Location: Horsham, PA

Turn 14 Distribution is known as the nation’s leading performance car part distributor, and now with their 1 MW solar energy carport, they are one of Pennsylvania's renewable energy leaders. The company’s Horsham headquarters is home to one of PA’s largest solar carports and achieves a major milestone in the company’s goal of offsetting 100% of its energy usage. 

“It is Turn 14 Distribution’s responsibility to be a good environmental steward,” stated Jon Pulli, CEO of Turn 14 Distribution. “As a company, we are highly motivated to do our part in the fight against climate change by transitioning to renewable energy sources.” The addition of this solar carport will go a long way in offsetting the majority of the company’s energy at their corporate headquarters and also at their three North American distribution centers. 

The 1 MW solar carport towers 14 feet in the air to provide ample space for parking and to follow strict aesthetic guidelines. “We wanted an aesthetically pleasing design that meshes with our office building’s appearance and remains efficient from a solar capture perspective,’’ said Mr. Pulli. 

Turn 14 Distribution selected Paradise Energy Solutions as their solar partner because of their expertise and experience. “After a competitive bidding process, Paradise Energy was selected because of their superior knowledge and expertise,” states Mr. Pulli. “ Their understanding of the pitfalls surrounding a project of our scale gave us confidence in their abilities, and now that we have concluded the project, I am happy to report our intuition was correct. Paradise Energy has been an excellent partner.” 

To learn more about Turn 14 Distribution’s solar project, watch this series of short video highlights of the project’s construction. 


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