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Fence Company Goes Solar

System Size: 24.3 kW (31 solar panels)
Installation Type: Roof Mount
Installation Date: Winter 2014
Location: Sugarcreek, OH

Swiss Valley Fence, Ltd., the oldest fencing company in the area meeting the needs of its clients since 1981, is generating 81% of their annual electricity needs through the use of a solar installation. 

The 24.3 kW (kilowatt) solar installation consists of 31 solar panels and is expected to produce 25,960 kWh (kilowatt-hours) of clean energy every year. After 4.7 years, the solar system will have paid for itself and is expected to produce electricity for another 20+ years. Over 30 years, Swiss Valley Fence expects to save close to $100,000 in electricity costs.

With a visible location on Route 39, the attractively installed solar array will also show that solar is attainable for local businesses. “When we considered the option of solar, Joe Hershberger, Swiss Valley Fence General Manager stated, “the tax credits, overhead cost savings and the long term investment benefit with a short ROI, it really just made sense. It is also a way to utilize the clean renewable energy from the sun each and every day.”

“Taking the time to understand the numbers, hearing how solar has benefited other businesses in the area made this a clear choice,” commented Jeff Mullet, CFO for SWF. “Renewables are catching people's eye, We have had a few people stop by our business that may have otherwise continued down the road.”

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