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Outdoor Furniture Maker Powers With Solar

System Size: 766.16 kW (two solar systems)
Installation Type: Roof Mount
Installation Date: Winter 2016 and Spring 2020
Location: Berlin, OH

Berlin Gardens, a manufacturer of high-quality outdoor furniture and living products, uses solar energy to power its manufacturing facility in Berlin, OH. With their mastery of crafting furniture from recycled materials, they recognize the importance of limiting their environmental impact to keep the outdoors beautiful. They were able to bring this mission into their daily operation by installing solar panels and greatly reducing their use of non-renewable energy from the utility company. 

Their Berlin, OH location is home to two solar systems. The first system installed is a 587 kW system with 1,728 panels. They followed that system with a 178.64 kW system with 464 panels. 



“They were the most willing to follow through and seemed like the best company to work [with]. The solar panels went up in a timely manner, [and we] met our deadline to get our tax credit for the year. Things went very well for us."

Steve Miller

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