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Distributor Installs Solar on Two Warehouse Buildings

System Size: 1.07 MW (two solar systems)
Installation Type: Ballast Roof Mounts
Installation Date: Winter/Spring 2020
Location: Philadephia and Langehorne, PA

For over 70 years, Almo Corporation, the largest U.S. independent distributor of professional AV equipment, appliances, consumer electronics, and home goods, has been making a difference in the Philadelphia community with their various outreach efforts, and now they are contributing to the community in a new way. Their two Philadelphia area warehouses are running on clean, sustainable energy produced by the sun, greatly reducing the company’s carbon footprint and its electricity costs for the next 30 years.

The two ballast mounted solar systems are part of the company's strategy to reduce their dependence on grid-generated, nonrenewable energy.  “Almo Corporation is committed to responsible environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices,” says Ed Gibbons, Almo’s Executive Vice President. “Solar will greatly reduce our dependence on grid-generated, non-renewable electricity for many years to come.”

But just like every business investment, the numbers had to add up for it to work. “We have been pleasantly surprised to find that by offsetting the need to purchase electricity from the utility company, these solar panels will have contributed enough savings to pay for themselves in less than five years, leaving an estimated 25 years of free electricity for our business”, shares Gibbons. 

The sizable reduction in their electric costs is helping Almo become a more efficient company and making a big contribution towards their mission of being responsible corporate citizens. 

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