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The Jackson Family

Mechanicsburg, PA Family Powers Their Home with Solar Energy

Mechanicsburg, PA | 73.26 kW System

Cindy was looking for ways to make their home in the suburbs of Mechanicsburg, PA more ecologically conscious. Once deciding on solar, they turned to Paradise Energy. We worked with them to determine the best-sized system for their needs while fully maintaining the curb appeal of their home.

Project Details

Financial Impact
Total System Cost
Total Savings
Net Cost (after incentive)

Financial impact figures are not available for this project.

Financial Highlights
  • 30% installation cost covered by tax credits & grants

  • 14 yr. expected time for system payback

  • 8.1% ROI

System Overview

222 solar panels and 7 inverters

73.26 kW System

Projected Production: 76,776 kWh

Environmental Impact
Tons of CO2 Offset

Tons of CO2 Offset / Year:


Tree Offset

Tree Offset / Year:


Barrels of Oil Offset

Barrels of Oil Offset / Year:


Benefits of Solar for the Jacksons

The Jacksons are enjoying numerous benefits from switching to solar.

  • The Jacksons’ array is the maximum size allowed by the local utility and covers about 85% of their utility costs.
  • In just one year, the Jackson’s solar system will have offset 62 tons of CO2 and will continue to make a measurable environmental impact for years to come.
  • Paradise Energy worked with the Jacksons to determine the best location and size for their system based on their goals.


“I would recommend Paradise Energy Solutions for people that want to explore a solar energy alternative, because they were easy to communicate with and came up with a number of different strategies with us to meet our goals.”

Cindy Jackson


Keeping up the Curb Appeal

Keeping up the Curb Appeal

The installation of solar panels is more than a way to save on your utility bill – it’s an investment in your home. Though solar panels have consistently translated to higher home values, not everyone loves how they look on their roofline. Paradise Energy worked with the Jacksons to determine the optimal location for their ground-mounted array, so they could enjoy solar energy’s many benefits with minimal impact to their home.

Determining the Right Size for a Solar Array

Determining the Right Size for a Solar Array

The Jacksons knew they wanted to offset their energy consumption with solar, but were unsure of the array size that would work best for their goals. Paradise Energy worked with the Jacksons to come up with a number of alternative strategies which provided all the information needed to make an informed decision. As a result, nearly 85% of their energy needs were covered.

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