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Earl Fox

Homeowner in Westfield, PA Installs Ground Mount Solar System

Westfield, PA | 13.2 kW kW System

Electric rates were high for Earl Fox, and he needed to protect his budget from that monthly expense. That’s why he invested in solar energy from Paradise Energy. Since the installation of his system in 2015, he’s happy to report he no longer has an electric bill or a need to worry about rising rates. 

Project Details

Financial Impact
Total System Cost
Total Savings
Net Cost (after incentive)

Financial impact figures are not available for this project.

Financial Highlights
  • 30% installation cost covered by tax credits & grants

  • 4.9 yr. expected time for system payback

  • 20.4% ROI

System Overview

44 solar panels and 2 inverters

13.2 kW kW System

Production: 15,289 kWh annually

Environmental Impact
Tons of CO2 Offset

Tons of CO2 Offset / Year:


Tree Offset

Tree Offset / Year:


Barrels of Oil Offset

Barrels of Oil Offset / Year:


Benefits of Solar for Earl Fox

  • Solar covers 111% of the home’s power needs
  • We took care of all the logistics and paperwork for Earl
  • The system will provide 25+ years of free electricity after the expected payback period is reached


"I could definitely recommend Paradise Energy. They were on budget, on time, very respectful, and delivered exactly what they said they would…They are a very good company, and they stand behind what they do."

Earl Fox

Just like Earl, you could save money with solar

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