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Harrisonburg, VA Based Waterjet Business Installs Solar

Harrisonburg, VA | 35.64 kW System

Steve Brydge started waterjet cutting to shape glass for his wife, a stained-glass artist. Operations soon evolved into BrydgeWorks – a Harrisonburg-based waterjet and powder coating business specializing in interior and exterior architectural design elements and industrial cutting.

Having always been interested in solar to power his business, Steve was drawn to Paradise Energy by our Triple Ten performance guarantee. Watch as Steve shares the story behind how he turned solar from a viable option to a reality.

Project Details

Financial Impact
Total System Cost
Total Savings
Net Cost (after incentive)

Financial impact figures are not available for this project.

Financial Highlights
  • 58.7% installation cost covered by tax credits & grants

  • 9 yr. expected time for system payback

  • 14% ROI

System Overview

108 solar panels and 1 inverter

35.64 kW System

Projected Production: 44,722 kWh

Environmental Impact
Tons of CO2 Offset

Tons of CO2 Offset / Year:


Tree Offset

Tree Offset / Year:


Barrels of Oil Offset

Barrels of Oil Offset / Year:


Benefits of Solar for BrydgeWorks

BrydgeWorks is enjoying numerous benefits from switching to solar.

  • Solar covers 70-80% of the company’s power needs.
  • In less than 9 years, BrydgeWork’s solar system will have paid for itself, giving the business decades of free electricity.
  • All the logistics and paperwork were taken care of for Steve, so he could focus on running his business.


“They gave us a real nice proposal that showed us how much power could be generated, and even offered a guarantee that said we will produce this much power for you - if we don’t we’ll cover the difference.”

Steve Brydge

Owner of BrydgeWorks

Preserving Precious Resources

Preserving Precious Resources

Looking out one of BrydgeWork’s many stained-glass windows, you’ll see the beautiful surroundings of the Shenandoah Valley. This region is known around the world for its tree-covered mountains and scenic overlooks, making it easy to keep nature top-of-mind for locals and visitors alike. Going solar is one way businesses can pay homage to their surroundings and make a real, sustainable impact. Steve’s solar system saves over 800 trees each year.

Guaranteed Performance

Guaranteed Performance

Steve had been looking into solar energy options for a number of years, knowing it was always something he wanted for his business. When Steve heard about Paradise Energy’s Triple Ten Guarantee, and our willingness to stand behind the production estimates of our systems, he knew he would be investing in a solar system that would provide a substantial return for his business.

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The first step in switching to solar is to receive a no-obligation quote. We’ll evaluate your current energy usage, conduct a site assessment, go over financing options and incentives, and provide you with a free quote.