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Berlin Gardens

Berlin, OH Manufacturer Invests in Solar Energy

Berlin, OH | 587.52 kW System

Berlin Gardens of Berlin, OH, has specialized in the manufacturing of high-quality outdoor furniture and living products since 1988. Using poly lumber, a type of material made from recycled plastic, they create durable products that are conscious of the environment and routed in the traditions of Amish craftsmanship.

Just like poly lumber, solar power attracted Berlin Gardens with its promise to deliver great value and its positive environmental impact. Watch as Steve shares his going-solar story as Berlin Gardens integrates their environmental commitment into their daily operations, while also saving big-time on their electricity costs.

Project Details

Financial Impact
Total System Cost
Total Savings
Net Cost (after incentive)

Financial impact figures are not available for this project.

Financial Highlights
  • 68.2% installation cost covered by tax credits & grants

  • 6 yr. expected time for system payback

  • 18.9% ROI

System Overview

1,728 solar panels and 15 inverters

587.52 kW System

Projected Production: 611,560 kWh

Environmental Impact
Tons of CO2 Offset

Tons of CO2 Offset / Year:


Tree Offset

Tree Offset / Year:


Barrels of Oil Offset

Barrels of Oil Offset / Year:


Benefits of Solar for Berlin Gardens

Berlin Gardens is enjoying numerous benefits from switching to solar.

  • The solar system covers about 40% of the company’s power needs.
  • In just 6 years, Berlin Gardens will pay for their system, leaving decades of free electricity ahead.
  • Paradise Energy completed the installation before the end of the year, allowing Berlin Gardens to take timely advantage of tax savings.


“They were the most willing to follow through and seemed like the best company to work [with]. The solar panels went up in a timely manner, [and we] met our deadline to get our tax credit for the year. Things went very well for us."

Steve Miller

Berlin Gardens

Continuing Their Environmental Commitment

Continuing Their Environmental Commitment

Berlin Gardens encourages its customers to Take Life Outdoors™. With their mastery of crafting furniture from recycled materials, they recognize the importance of limiting their environmental impact to keep the outdoors beautiful. By installing solar panels and greatly reducing their use of utility electric, they were able to bring this belief into their daily operations.

Meeting a Tight Schedule

Meeting a Tight Schedule

When Berlin Gardens designed their manufacturing facility, they did so with the intention of ultimately installing solar panels. When the right time for them came, they explored their options and selected Paradise Energy.


We worked with Berlin Gardens early on to understand their goals and develop a plan to ensure they would be achieved. To meet the deadline for the year’s tax credit, the installation schedule was tight and required quick follow-up and a delivery on commitments. As a result, the project completed well within time for Berlin Gardens to receive their tax credit and helped them start saving big time on their energy costs.

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