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What Is Our Performance Guarantee?

Solar Basics | 2 min read
what is our performance guarantee


what is our performance guarantee


Paradise Energy's performance guarantee is simple and straightforward.  If your system doesn’t produce what we say it will in the first 10 years, we pay you the difference based on your initial electric rate when you purchased the system.


Can anything void my Performance Guarantee?

Yes, there are 4 things that can void your Performance Guarantee:  excessive soiling on the solar panels, a measurable increase in shade from when the system was installed, loss of internet connection to the system, or disconnection of the system.  However, since weather variance and product failures do not void the production guarantee, it remains among the strongest in the industry.  


What is the difference between Paradise Energy's Workmanship Warranty and Performance Guarantee?

Our workmanship warranty covers product replacement or repair, while our performance guarantee pays for underperformance.  Our workmanship warranty and performance guarantee work really well together.  The performance guarantee gives the workmanship warranty “teeth”.  For example, in the event of product underperformance or failure, our money is on the line since we will be paying if the system does not generate as guaranteed.  This means that we will either be motivated to replace the defective product, or the customer will be paid for lost production.  


Why do I need a Performance Guarantee from Paradise Energy if my panels already have a manufacturer’s Performance Guarantee?

Solar panel manufacturer’s performance guarantees are valuable, and an important item to consider when purchasing a solar array.  However, they typically do not cover the labor to replace the equipment.  Also, panel manufacturer’s warranties do not guarantee a certain amount of production; they only guarantee that each panel will be able to produce a certain amount of instantaneous power on its own.  This does not cover incorrectly installed equipment, wires that are sized too small, inefficient system design, or whether a variation, all items that are covered by the 10 year Paradise Energy performance guarantee.  The other thing to consider is how the manufacturer will reimburse for the panels that are underperforming; most warranties state that they will replace the equipment, repair the product, or pay for the reduced production.  But how will they calculate the reduced production amount and the rate to pay?  What happens if the defective panel is connected to a string inverter, and the manufacturer elects to make a payout for production loss from the panel rather than replace it, and that panel continues to negatively impact the performance of the other panels in the string?  How long will it take them to repair or replace the product if they elect to do so?  


Our performance guarantee at Paradise Energy is simple and straightforward:  after we do the final shade analysis, we guarantee the production for 10 years, and if the system does not produce as promised, we pay the difference in the initial electric rate.  Learn more about our Triple Ten Guarantee here. 


triple ten guarantee

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