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How important is Certification for Solar Installers?

What Sets Us Apart | 1 min read

How important is it that your solar installer is certified? Are there any national certifying agencies in this young industry? These are legitimate questions you may ask in relation to today's solar energy industry.


The fact is Certification is Important! In fact, you should insist that your installer is certified. Your solar Installer should not only be licensed in your State and approved by your State's rebate program (if your state has one), but should also be certified by NABCEP. NABCEP is an acronym meaning "North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners". NABCEP is the national Gold Standard in the Country and ensures you that your installer has several things: Experience, Training, Solar Technical Knowledge, and Construction Industry Knowledge. This certification also requires the Certificate holder to continue installation of renewable energy systems to keep the certification.


NABCEP offers certificates for Solar PV Installer, Solar Thermal Installer, and Solar PV Technical Sales (all separately). The PV Installer Certification is the one to look for if you are having PV (Solar Electric) system installed at your home or business. This Certification is a personal certification (it is earned by an individual and to a company). It ensures quality design and installation from that company and individual.


This certification is so respected in our nation, that many states are requiring that Installers be certified by NABCEP to be an approved installer under a State program. Don't let your solar system be practice for your installer, Insist on Certification!


Paradise Energy Solutions has numerous NABCEP PV Installers on staff and is currently making plans for individuals to receive the "PV Technical Sales" and the "Solar Thermal Installer" Certifications. With Paradise Energy Solutions, you know you are in the care of the experts! Contact us today to learn more about how you can set yourself up to earn money for decades to come with the energy source that is free every day!

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