Customer Reviews

Agricultural and Commercial Reviews

Learn how solar lowered the energy costs
of this small business by 92%.

Hear how James Kurtz lowered his Maryland farm’s monthly electric bill to $100.

Ocean Breeze Alpaca Farm completely eliminated their utility bill
by switching to solar.

“It was amazing how quick two guys got [the installation] done…
These guys knew their stuff!”

“We talked to three or four companies, and we were really impressed
with the friendliness and professionalism of Paradise Energy.”

Find out why Ron believes the solar on his Maryland farm is “like a refrigerator.”

Here’s why Bill Rohrer is relieved Paradise Energy took care of
all the paperwork for his solar installation.

By partnering with Paradise Energy, Sam Petersheim stopped the always-rising energy costs by installing a solar panel system for his business.

Residential Reviews

Learn how this Ohio homeowner turned a $220 electric bill
into a $7 bill from his electric utility.

Here’s how a sweatshirt at a football game helped this PA homeowner
reduce his energy costs by switching to solar.

“They [the utility company] owe us money this month, and I’m OK with that!
I like the fact that I don’t have an electric bill this month!”

“For my loan, my monthly payments are less than what I pay for electric anyway”

“Our entire house & all of our appliances I’ve changed from gas to electric…
and [our solar system] is carrying everything.”

“The deciding factor was Sheldon [a Paradise Solar Consultant] and the way he presented himself and his patience with my questions”

By switching to solar, this Maryland farmer produces 90% of his energy needs
from the sun. See how he only pays $25 dollars to his utility company.

“Our local utility company was looking at raising the utility costs for electric…
I wanted to make sure I could do something to offset that.”

“It’s like money in the bank every day!”

Hear why homeowner Richard Hunter loves sunny days even more
thanks to his solar panel system.