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Commercial Solar Installation in Intercourse, PA

System Size: 68.64 kW (200 solar panels)
Installation Type: Roof Mount
Installation Date: May 2019
Location: Intercourse, PA

Annual Environmental Offset: 51 tons of CO2, or 1,180 trees

Leacock-Township-based Stoltzfus Meats installed a 68.64 kW solar system at their fresh sausage and smoked meats production facility located in Intercourse, PA. 

The system will produce 65,000 kWh of clean electricity on an annual basis, offsetting the amount of electricity the company needs to purchase from the local utility. 

Stoltzfus Meats had considered going solar in the past, but in 2018, their decision was spurred on by a grant from the PA Department of Community Economic Development which was awarded to eight Lancaster County solar projects. 

This, along with other financial incentives such as the Federal Tax Credit and tax savings on depreciation, allowed Stoltzfus Meats to install their solar system with little upfront cost. 

In just a few years, the solar system will have generated enough savings through offsetting utility electricity to pay for itself.

“Our payback, with the grant money from the state, is projected at less than six years,” shares Nate Hershey, Project and Facilities Manager at Stoltzfus Meats. “We felt great about that payback period, especially given the additional non-monetary benefits.”

“It’s easy to look at it strictly from dollars and cents and say that the biggest benefit is the cost savings over the life of the system.  However, a less quantifiable but key benefit is the opportunity to switch some of our energy use to a renewable source.”

Nate Hershey
Project and Facilities Manager, Stoltzfus Meats

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