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The Hunter Family

Belmont, OH Family Installs Three Solar Energy Systems

    Belmont, OH | 76.7 kW System

    The Hunters live and work in Belmont County, OH. With a cabin in Barnesville, a business in St. Clairsville, and a home in Belmont, they were dishing out a fair deal of money each month for electricity.

    In 2014, they decided to install a solar system on the roof of their cabin. A few years later, they installed a system on the roof of their commercial property and then installed another system on the roof of their home.

    Find out what made The Hunters go solar not once, but three times.

    Project Details

    Financial Impact
    Total System Cost
    Total Savings
    Net Cost (after incentive)

    Financial impact figures are not available for this project. Financial Highlights, System Overview, and Environmental Impact for solar system at the business only.

    Financial Highlights
    • 89% installation cost covered by tax credits & grants

    • Less than 6 yr. expected time for system payback

    • 12.9% ROI

    System Overview

    236 solar panels and 4 inverters

    76.7 kW System

    Projected Production: 86,200 kWh

    Environmental Impact
    Tons of CO2 Offset

    Tons of CO2 Offset / Year:


    Tree Offset

    Tree Offset / Year:


    Barrels of Oil Offset

    Barrels of Oil Offset / Year:


    Benefits of Solar for The Hunters

    The Hunters are enjoying numerous benefits from switching to solar.

    • They reduced their business’s electric bill by hundreds of dollars each month, dropping right to the bottom line and allowing them to reinvest in other areas of the business.
    • Their cabin’s solar panels allow them to leave a low-cost legacy to their children during the 30+ year lifespan of the system.
    • The system at their home keeps their electricity bills low and increases the value of their property.
    • All three systems have a measurable impact on the environment.


    "We're really particular people, and we've recommended Paradise to our son. We wouldn't have done that if we weren't happy, nor would we have three of our places that have solar."

    Diane Hunter


    A Lasting Legacy

    The Hunters’ first solar system was installed on the roof of their cabin in Belmont County. For them, their cabin is about leaving a legacy for their kids, and that meant energy efficiency.


    They installed a 15-panel, 4.2 kW solar system on the roof of their cabin. The system generates 4,158 kWh each year.


    “This way we won’t leave them with astronomical bills to pay, and for us right now, too,” shares Diane Hunter.


    Increasing Property Value

    The Hunter’s system at their business in St. Clairsville doesn’t only save them plenty of money on electricity bills, but it makes their property more valuable.


    “We began with $1,800 electric bills and now they’re $400.” shares Diane. “We thought with the building that would be a good selling point.”


    Studies have shown that solar panels do increase the value of a property, as the new buyers are inheriting the low electricity bills from the previous owner.


    5,000 sq. ft. House - $12 Electric Bill

    The Hunters were looking for a way to enhance the sustainability of their home. They installed energy-efficient appliances and lighting and thought solar would be a great addition.


    29 solar panels top the back of their home’s roof as part of their 8.265 kW solar system, producing 7,876 kWh of electricity each year. That’s enough electricity to offset 6.1 tons of CO2 on an annual basis.


    It’s also enough electricity to save The Hunters thousands on energy costs throughout the lifetime of the system.

    Just like The Hunters, you could save money with solar

    The first step in switching to solar is to receive a no-obligation quote. We’ll evaluate your current energy usage, conduct a site assessment, go over financing options and incentives, and provide you with a free quote.