Investment Comparison: Solar Energy vs. Other Equipment

Often business owners and farmers are faced with decisions on where they should invest their capital. Is the money best spent on another piece of equipment or could I invest it elsewhere?


Here’s a look at how an investment in solar compares to other equipment purchases. I’ll give you a sneak peak: solar allows you to receive the same tax benefits as other equipment purchases for just 47% of the investment.

Solar Investment vs. Other Equipment - Infographic


How Could Solar Impact My Business?
If you’re curious about how solar energy could impact your business, click here or give us a call at 877-851-9269. Our Solar Consultants would be happy to review your energy needs and provide a free estimate.


Andy Schell

Andy is approaching his third year of working in the solar industry and has completed Solar PV101 training through Solar Energy International. He serves as the Marketing Manager at Paradise Energy Solutions, working from our corporate headquarters in Paradise, PA.

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