Solar Panels for Farms

WATCH: Matt Beiler, co-owner of Paradise Energy Solutions and farm owner in Paradise, PA, talks about why he switched to solar and how much he’s saving each month.

Why Farms Are Choosing Solar Power

Farmers across the country are discovering—and enjoying—the advantages of adding solar power. We’ve worked with farmers from across the mid-Atlantic region, helping them realize the benefits and savings solar provides.

  • Drastically cut monthly energy bills now. Our systems are custom designed to meet your current electrical needs. Every kilowatt-hour (kWh) your solar system produces will offset one that you would have needed to otherwise purchase from your electric company. That means more money remaining in the farm.
  • Insulate yourself against rising energy costs in the future. Instead of remaining vulnerable to ever-increasing price of energy, solar provides farmers with a reliable, cost-effective energy solution.
  • Increase the value of your property. Solar panels are a great investment into the long-term value and viability of your farm. With grants, tax incentives, and an available 5-year depreciation schedule than other farm equipment, solar equipment provide financial benefits for years to come. Think of it as an investment in the future—a brighter future for your family and your farm.
  • Gain energy independence with power that pays you. Solar energy is a completely passive source of power and income: as long as the sun is shining, the panels are producing energy. Save money by using this free energy, and earn additional income automatically with SRECs and by selling excess energy to the grid.
  • No change in your current system. Our grid-connected solar panels integrate into your current electrical system seamlessly so in most cases there is no need for extensive or expensive modifications. We can install panels on the roof of barns, livestock buildings, or homes, further utilizing these surfaces for your benefit.


“I have been very impressed by the professionalism, neatness and well thought through solar installation by Paradise Energy Solutions.” — Dave Y., Windcrest Holsteins


Hackenberger Family Farm

slide-07System Size: 96kW
Guaranteed Annual Production: 108, 603 kWh
Payback: 6 years
ROI: 16.6%
Install Type: Agricultural

“Paradise Energy Solutions provides an excellent product and service. They do outstanding work. I really can’t say how much I appreciated them doing all the paperwork and grant work. This is such a phenomenal part of their service and it went much smoother than we could have imagined. We would highly recommend Paradise Energy Solutions to anyone desiring to go solar.”

Scott Hackenberger

Sample Bill

Basis: $550/month Electric Bill
Annual Electric Cost:
Total Installed Cost:
Federal Tax Credit:
Federal Depreciation:
Net Cost (after incentives):
Annual Electric Savings:
$6,600 (60,000 kWh)
SREC Income:
$3,000 ($50/credit)
System Payback (expected):
6.9 years @ 14.6% ROI


Locations We Serve

Our headquarters is located in Paradise, PA. We currently serve 7 states:

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Using the Sun to Power Your Farm

Throughout history, farmers have harnessed the power of the sun to grow crops and feed for livestock. In recent years, an increasing number of farmers are looking to the sun again, only this time to provide energy to power their farming business.

The most recent USDA renewable energy survey (from 2009), reported that 8,569 farms in the United States are producing renewable energy. It’s clear that farms in the United States are using solar to produce on-site renewable energy. Relying on improved technology and generous government subsidies, these farmers are reducing their monthly energy costs, while increasing the value of their farm.

By working with Paradise Energy Solutions, you too can enjoy the long-term benefits of adding solar to your farm. Our team will help you find the right solar setup for your farm, so your operation can enjoy energy independence. We make it as easy as possible, taking care of all the paperwork and finding every single state and federal grant and tax rebate you qualify to receive. Our workmanship and output are guaranteed too. We guarantee your production because we want you to be confident, as we are, that your investment will reap long-term savings.

Solar Grants for Farms

Generous USDA grants and state/federal incentives are available right now — get them while they are here! Electric rates are only going to continue to rise, raising the value of your investment in solar power. Solar for farms is simply one of the safest places to invest because it’s low risk with a high return. Plus, our staff will complete all of the paperwork on your behalf and will ensure you maximize all possible funds available to you.

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Solar Panel Projects We’ve Completed for Farms



Timeline for a Solar Project

The timeline for a solar agriculture installation can vary due to the size and scope of the project, but most projects fall within a 3-6 month timeline. Here’s what to expect when you partner with Paradise Energy to switch to solar:

  1. First, you will want to sign up for a free solar assessment. One of our expert solar consultants will visit your operation and help you determine whether solar is a viable option for your farm. This assessment includes a calculation of your current energy usage and an evaluation of your recent energy bills. We will present options you have in terms of locations, amount of solar panels, and answer any questions you might have.
  2. Next, we will go over your quote, and establish a date to begin installation. To schedule your install date, we will find a time that works best for you and your operation. This date will also take into account enough lead time for the necessary approvals. With all these details in place, we will sign a contract agreement and begin the project.
  3. The next step is working through the permits and utility agreements. This process, which can take 2-5 months, requires experience and knowledge to navigate through all the steps required; our team is skilled at obtaining all the necessary approvals for your project. We will take care of all the paperwork, making sure you get the right agreements, permits, and rebates for your farm.
  4. Applying for a USDA grant or loan can add several months to a project’s timeline for approval, but it is well worth it. Thanks to the REAP program by the USDA, we’ve helped small farmers like you save up to an additional 25% off the total cost of a solar system, even after your tax credits and other incentives!
  5. The final step is installation. Depending on the size and complexity of the installation, this can take from several days to several weeks. And, since we guarantee both our workmanship and the output of your system, the project won’t be finished until you are satisfied with the results.


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Farming Is In Our Blood

Paradise Energy Solutions was founded by Tim, Marcus, Matthew, and Jason Beiler in 2009 (pictured below). For generations, the Beiler family has worked the land in Pennsylvania. Providing solar for farms is our way of bridging that history with a bright, sustainable future for everyone.

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Tim Beiler
Marcus Beiler
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Jason Beiler


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"From the time we attended a Paradise open house, we were comfortable with the staff. They were informative and responsive to our needs and questions. The installation was done in a timely and professional manner. Now that the system is functioning, it is very exciting to know that we are producing power environmentally! I enjoy checking the inverters and seeing that even on cloudy days, we are making electricity. I have recommended Paradise to several friends already." - Linda T.
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