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Before we do anything, it's important for us to determine together what type of solar panel set up is right for your budget, your power usage, and your location. Our solar panel installation expert will take you through our installation checklist and create a customized plan just for you, absolutely free of charge.

We're absolutely confident in our solar panel installation work, so we offer a 2-year performance guarantee on each new system that we install. What does that mean? If the output doesn't meet the minimum output projections, we will refund the difference based on current energy prices.

Paradise Energy Solutions installers are our employees, not fly-by-night sub-contractors who may not have the technical certifications and experience that our installers have. A properly installed solar panel system will operate nearly maintenance-free for 25 years!

Not sure if you qualify for certain tax breaks? Don't worry. Our experienced staff will identify federal and state grants and tax credits that you qualify for and complete and submit the forms on your behalf.

All employees successfully complete a 60-hour solar photovoltaics (PV) training course. We have North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) professionals on staff, and have a strong reputation for quality and service.

I would have probably installed the system without the USDA Grant, but that really made it work. I was really, really happy when I got it!

John Lapp

24 kW Agricultural Roof Mount System

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