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GAP, Pennsylvania—Solar has become even more affordable through the offering of REAP (Rural Energy for America Program) grants through the USDA. The grant can cover up to 25% of the total solar system installation cost and is available to farms and small businesses located in rural areas. 

This grant program has limited funding which varies significantly from year to year. Although many solar installers shy away from the grant program because of its extensive application process, Paradise Energy Solutions has a streamlined solution to complete the entire application in-house, saving their customers time and money, and resulting in a high success rate. They are also among the most successful installers in the northeast at securing USDA funding for their customers.

Paradise Energy Solutions has successfully secured more than $1.27 million for 36 projects in 5 states over the past 4 years. With the recent passage of the farm bill this year, USDA grant funding should stabilize for the next 5 years. A Pennsylvania applicant who wins a USDA grant could at best, have around 80% of the total solar system installation cost paid by a combination of grants, tax credits, and depreciation. This means that a $148,000 solar installation could have a net cost of only $28,860 and a payback of only 4.5 years, after the rebates, depreciation and tax credits.


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