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TIMBERVILLE, Virginia – Windcrest Holsteins and solar contractor Paradise Energy Solutions will host a solar open house on November 10 from 10 AM to 2 PM to showcase Windcrest’s new 557.38 kW (kilowatt) solar array. The solar open house will consist of tours of the solar array, educational solar presentations, and a free pig roast lunch with the solar system being activated at 11AM.

The solar array at Windcrest Holsteins, located at 15638 Spar Mine Road in Timberville, consists of 1,798 Axitec solar panels and 17 solar inverters and is estimated to produce 707,139 kWh (kilowatt-hours) of electricity annually which completely covers the electric usage of the farm. “I look at the solar system as a whole package, it has a good return on investment, significant electric savings and it cash-flows,” explains Windcrest owner Dave Yutzy. “We are always looking for ways to positively promote our farm, and we felt like solar was the right thing to do both as an investment and also as a positive addition to the community. The younger generation on the farm is especially excited about the solar addition”

The solar array is installed on most of the southern facing barn roofs which house the operations dairy herd. “This solar installation will substantially decrease the energy load on the local grid,” explains project manager Ron Osti-Helsley. “I am proud to have been a part of this project. Their farm will have utility expense of zero, which is phenomenal!” The solar installation at Windcrest Holsteins is the largest privately-owned solar installation in Virginia.

The solar project has been in the development stages since early summer and construction began in early September. The electric savings will total over $40,000 annually, and is estimated to save Windcrest Holsteins over $1.5 million in electric savings over 30 years. “I have been very impressed by the professionalism, neatness and well thought through solar installation by Paradise Energy Solutions,” said Yutzy.

For more information about the November 10th open house, call Paradise Energy Solutions at 877-851-9269 or online at


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