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HARWOOD, MD, May 2, 2014 – The solar buzz has died down a bit, but solar is still a financially beneficial and viable option for many business owners and homeowners alike. These two topics and many others will be discussed at a solar open house on Friday, May 2 from 10AM-2PM. The solar open house will be hosted by Paradise Energy Solutions at Tina Emmerich’s Oak Crest Farm at 4776 Solomons Island Road in Harwood, Maryland. There will be solar presentations, Q&A times and a free grilled lunch.

Oak Crest Farm has installed a 180 panel solar, 45kW system that provides the farm with a guaranteed yearly production of over 61,000 kWh, which covers all of the farm’s energy consumption. After the system is paid off, it will produce free electricity for another 20 plus years, which protects against high electric rates and more financial stability. Federal and state-level incentives are available for solar, which significantly lower the installation cost of solar.

For more information and a free solar assessment, please contact Paradise Energy Solutions at 877-851-9269. Or, visit Paradise Energy Solutions online at


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