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Solar Electric Owners Happy To Be Immune From Soaring Electric Bills

LANCASTER, PA, March 17, 2014 – The exorbitant electric bills that have plagued consumers this winter have not been a problem for homeowners and business owners who have installed solar electric systems. That’s because consumers who own solar electric systems now own their electric generating systems. These homeowners and business owners have locked in their electric rates for decades to come, and they no longer receive an electric bill.

Paradise Energy Solutions of Gap has installed many solar, or Photovoltaic (PV) systems, and Marcus Beiler of PES said, “We’ve been in business for 5 years, and we have customers who and we have customers who have paid off their solar systems and are no longer paying electric bills.”

This winter’s bloated bills occurred because of the brutally cold weather and because many consumers have signed up for electric plans that have variable rates, which means that the supplier can charge any rate that it chooses. Other contracts have fixed rates, but even fixed rates are almost always more expensive than solar.

Wilson Roth, Marketing Coordinator at PES, explained, “When you install a PV system, you own your own generating system. This situation is basically the same as the difference between renting and owning your home. Buying your electricity from a utility is like renting, while installing a PV system makes you the owner of your own electric company.”

One reason why more home and business owners haven’t gone solar is the misperception that PV systems are prohibitively expensive. The truth is that they’re surprisingly affordable. “Many incentives and tax breaks are available,” Beiler said. “And we have 100% financing. What it really comes down to is that the payment on the PV system will be less than the electric bills would be, and when the payments on the PV system end, the owner will have no bills at all.”

Another misconception may be that because Pennsylvania isn’t part of the Sun Belt, the amount of sunshine isn’t enough to power a solar electric system, but that isn’t true. Pennsylvania gets plenty of sunshine, and modern PV systems can convert that sunshine into electricity very efficiently and very inexpensively.

“Regardless of the rates that the electric utility companies charge, solar is less expensive,” Beiler said. This winter was unusually cold, but it would be a big mistake to think that these high rates will never happen again. We’ll have more cold winters and more hot summers. The best way to insure against runaway electric bills is to generate your own electricity with a PV system.

“We encourage home and business owners to call us. There’s no obligation to talk, and when someone decides to move forward, we have a very skilled and helpful staff to answer all the questions and handle all the paperwork. The bottom line is that solar electricity will be good for your bottom line.”




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