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Geneva, NY – (June 14, 2013) When Cal and Joanna Adams retired from their long, successful careers as schoolteachers in the Geneva City School District, they knew that with their fixed income, it would become necessary to stabilize their living expenses. Understanding that one cost in particular, their electric, was going to continue to increase at least three percent annually, eliminating this variable would help them throughout their retirement.

After months of research, they found the best way to lock in their energy expenses while still enjoying the benefits was to install a Solar PV, or Solar Electric, system on their property that would generate all the power they would require and more.

“[Joanna] and I decided to go Solar for many number of reasons,” said Adams. “Mainly, we chose Solar because it allows us here on the farm to produce our own electricity and not have to rely on [NYSEG] to provide our energy. For our situation, we felt this was a great choice.”

Cal and Joanna chose Paradise Energy Solutions, a Solar installer with five branches in the Northeastern United States serving nine states and a local branch in Himrod, to install their 28-panel solar system on their property in Geneva. The system was completed and activated in October 2012 and has been producing as expected.

“The system has produced so much now that we’re ahead of the game,” says Adams. “We’ve got credits now for next winter. The money we are making now is not just money we are making but it is tax free.”

Paradise Energy Solutions applied for the New York Sustainable Energy Research and Development Authority, or NYSERDA, grant and received funding that considerably reduced the total cost of the system. In addition to the existing 30% Federal Tax credit and personal tax credit, the system will pay for itself in just over 9 years. With a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty, the Adams can expect to receive nearly 21 years of free energy and even generate additional income by selling the excess power back to NYSEG.

“Our experience with Paradise Energy Solutions has been in a word – easy,” said Adams. “They informed us. They answered our questions and took care of all the paperwork. The grant writing, the installation – they took care of it all.”

One common misconception in New York state regarding solar is that there is simply not enough sunshine to make Solar a viable energy option. Cal, a science teacher who has even performed his own experiments on the array since its activation, says that there is plenty of sunshine in New York State. In fact, according to an industry website, central New York experiences more than four hours of direct sunlight each day and nearly six hours of sunlight in the summer months.

“Our array is really working for us,” said Adams. “And here in New York State too! Who knew there was sunshine in New York!”

From June 27 to June 29, Cal and Paradise Energy Solutions will be hosting personal tours of the system. They will explain the financing, grant and installation process, how solar works and how it can benefit your home, business and farm.

For more information or to set up your personal Solar tour, call Jared Stoltzfus at (877) 679-1753.


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