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NEW WINDSOR, New York – Ray’s Transportation will ‘flip the switch’ and energize their new 97.2 kW (kilowatt) solar system on Wednesday, August 19 at 10AM. The ‘Flip the Switch’ ceremony will begin at 10 AM, with a short ceremony with tours and a light lunch to follow. Paradise Energy Solutions’ Hudson Valley office installed the 97.2 kW solar system and estimates that the solar system will produce 111,333 kWh (kilowatt-hours) each year, which covers over 100 percent of Ray’s Transportation electric usage.

Installing solar for the environmental benefit is not a distant thought for Ray’s Transportation, as they recycle and wholesale used rail¬road ties, relay rail, and other track material. Ray’s Transportation also serves as a removal service provider to railroad companies in the Northeast. Recycling railroad materials has contributed in a positive way to the environment and to Railroad Company’s logistical removal of debris.

All are welcome to attend this event and take a tour of Ray’s Transportation to see their new solar arrays.


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