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GAP, Pennsylvania— The solar market has cooled slightly within the past several years, however Paradise Energy Solutions is red hot, installing 16% of the 5.5 megawatts (MW) of solar installed in Pennsylvania during the past twelve months. Additionally in the past year, Paradise Energy Solutions has installed 727 kilowatts (kW) of the 3 MW of commercial solar projects statewide, sized between 15 kW to 1 MW.

Paradise Energy Solutions’ success has resulted from many factors including but not limited to the PA Sunshine Rebate Program, a satisfied and happy customer base, quality solar installations, and the USDA REAP Grant. Under the PA Sunshine Rebate Program, Paradise Energy Solutions installed the most capacity of any installer in Pennsylvania, installing 358 kW on 22 projects in 2013.

Additionally, Lancaster County homeowners and business received 16.9% of the total rebate funds under PA Sunshine Rebate Program, totaling $16.67 million, which is approximately double the amount received by Chester County, which ranked second in the state with 8.9% of total funds received under the program. Lancaster County residents and businesses also led the way with about 20%, or 19.14 MW, of total installed capacity under the PA Sunshine Rebate Program. Commercial projects accounted for 179 out of the 787 total projects installed under the PA Sunshine Grant program, with 96 of the projects totaling 50 kW or more in size

Lancaster County is leading the way with installing solar in Pennsylvania, with many farms and local businesses looking towards the sun for their energy future.


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