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Paradise Energy Solutions is excited to have energized solar system #1000. The family-owned, full service solar installation company held a “Flip the Switch” ceremony at Raytec Manufacturing in Martindale, PA, the owner of system #1000.

“We had a dream. We had an idea that we could provide solar energy when the market was just starting to emerge,” said Tim Beiler, Co-Owner and CEO of Paradise Energy Solutions, when speaking at the ceremony about reaching this milestone. “We’ve always tried not to look at what gets the next sale, but build a sustainable business for the long term.”

This milestone would not have been achieved without the many customers of Paradise Energy deciding to make a great financial and environmental investment. “The systems we’ve installed to date have added up to an equivalent of 2 million trees and $9 million saved for our clients,” said Mr. Beiler. “That’s an exciting milestone. Thank you to all our clients. We really appreciate your partnership with us.”


Paradise Energy would like to thank all of our clients for allowing us to reach this milestone. Congratulations on making an impact for future generations.

Watch the highlights from the celebration here




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